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    #1596980032 InvalidArgumentException
    A cache identifier was not set.

When debugged the corresponding cache.definition might look like this:

    '' => array('groups' => array('pages', 'all'))

This error is able to drive the complete frontend and backend unusable.

The reason

Before TYPO3 version 10 it was common that the variable $_EXTKEY was replaced automatically by the extension-key of the corresponding extension.

This has changed and the variable either has to be defined or any cases directly replaced with the extension-key.

As the variable was undefined in the case where this error was remarked, the array-key for the cache-definition just was empty.

So in this case it was an incomplete extension-update.

How to fix

Search in all extensions for usage of $_EXTKEY in the file ext_localconf.php.

If the variable is used but not defined in that file, define it in the beginning or replace it by the extension-key.