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notice - Note

Login and contribute! If you encountered this exception, please help others
by providing information about how you got
this error. Especially if you have a solution,
please add it to this page!
Package: Flow
Subpackage: Error
Class: F3\FLOW3\Error\ErrorHandler
Method: handleError()
Author: Karsten Dambekalns
Message: ...
Description: Something broke. Probably something we cannot catch or did not anticipate. This is the most generic exception to be seen. Sorry!
Possible solutions:  Try to find out what really went wrong... Look at the stack trace (if in development context), pull your hair, ask someone.

User contributed notes:
Your comment could have

  • Screenshot
  • Link to another Exception or a wiki-page
  • link to a bugtracker-entry, to the API/ PHP-code

error during neos.demo/setup

During setup on MAMP Pro

 Uncaught Exception in Flow
 #1: Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/TYPO3-Neos/Packages/Framework/TYPO3.Flow/Classes/TYPO3/Flow/Utility/Files.php line 223
 More information
 TYPO3\Flow\Error\Exception thrown in file
 Packages/Framework/TYPO3.Flow/Classes/TYPO3/Flow/Error/ErrorHandler.php in line 77.
 Reference code: 2015011613455454e4bb
 20 TYPO3\Flow\Error\ErrorHandler::handleError(2, "mkdir(): Permission denied", "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/TYPO3-Neos/Packages/Fram…rk/TYPO3.Flow/Classes/TYPO3/Flow/Utility/Files.php", 223, array|2|)

error instaling neos

After Installation I got the error:

#1: Warning: is_file(): Unable to find the wrapper "resource" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?
in /var/www/vhosts/ line 271


Deleting all files in Data/Temporary/* and rebuilding the cache was the key to success :)

error installing neos on windows 7 / 8

During installing NEOS on windows

#1: Warning: symlink(): Cannot create symlink, error code(1) in G:\\Data\Temporary\Development\Cache\Code\Flow_Object_Classes\TYPO3_Flow_Resource_Publishing_FileSystemPublishingTarget.php line 117
More information
 TYPO3\Flow\Error\Exception thrown in file G:\\Packages\Framework\TYPO3.Flow\Classes\TYPO3\Flow\Error\ErrorHandler.php in line 77. Reference code: 20140328161044e1ea27

Windows filesystem exFAT, Fat32, UDF don't support symlinks


  • Change filessysten NTFS (otherwise symlinks are not possible at all)
  • Start the webserver as administrator (via context menu on the executable)
    • Always do so because even after installation symlinks will have to be created (e.g. by the media manager). Otherwise you may experience 500 Internal Server Error.
  • Run "flow.bat flow:cache:flush" to remove defect cache entries.
  • Continue with the setup.

Neos might run slow on Windows. If you're not developing,

  • activate "Production mode" in the .htaccess.
  • make sure that xdebug is turned off in your php.ini.

Also note the "Flow Installation Hints regarding Symlinks"

(Tested on Windows8.1 using XAMPP and Neos version 1.1.2 - September 2014)

error on translating xlif in backend

 #1: Warning: Illegal string offset '#offset' in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/TYPO3-Neos 1.0/Data/Temporary/Development/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/TYPO3_Neos_Service_XliffService.php line 120
File main.xlf:
<trans-unit id="login.#offset" xml:space="preserve">


in xlf id are some offsets not allowed:

  • title
  • header
  • footer