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notice - Note

Login and contribute! If you encountered this exception, please help others
by providing information about how you got
this error. Especially if you have a solution,
please add it to this page!
Package: Flow
Subpackage: Flow-Object
Versions: 0.0.1 -
Class: T3_Framework_Object_Manager
Method: getObject()
Author: Robert Lemke
Message: Object name XY is not registered.
Description: You tried to retrieve or create an instance of an object which has not been registered at the object manager.
Possible solutions:  * Check the object name - maybe it's misspelled.
  • Make sure that the object exists and is registered by the the Package Manager

User contributed notes:
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  • link to a bugtracker-entry, to the API/ PHP-code


the ->create method call does not require leading slash so it have to look like:

->create('TYPO3\FLOW3 ...