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Package: Flow
Subpackage: FLOW3\Mvc
Versions: 1.0.0 -
Class: TYPO3\FLOW3\Mvc\Dispatcher
Method: dispatch()
Author: Robert Lemke, Bastian Waidelich
Message: Could not ultimately dispatch the request after x iterations.
Description: A controller set the dispatched flag to FALSE and the dispatcher could not ultimately dispatch the request to a controller which could fully answer the request.
Possible solutions:  * Maybe a validation error of an action argument forced the controller to call the original action again which in turn expects this this argument but of course it doesn't validate resulting in an error is triggered which in the end causes an infinite loop. Solution in this case: add a @FLOW3\IgnoreValidation("$<argumentName>") annotation for the argument in question. This is typically the case for editAction methods.

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