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Package: Flow
Subpackage: Flow
Class: TYPO3\FLOW3\Core\Bootstrap
Method: initializeForRuntime()
Author: Robert Lemke <>, Bastian Waidelich <>
Message: The compile run failed. Please check the error output or system log for more information
Description: The Exception Message is quite misleading. In Development Context each request triggers a recompilation of all clasess as a system call to ./flow3 flow3:core:compile . An unsuccessful compile run happens when the web environment cant find the php executable or when there is any parsetime error (syntax error) in any class used by FLOW3,
Possible solutions:  Take a look at the output before the exception or (if there is none) at your webserver logs, e.g. /var/log/apache2/error.log. Often the real exception cause is logged there, and is something simple like a Syntax Error in your Application Classes. Another option is to execute ./flow3 flow3:core:compile yourself and inspect the problem that triggered the unsuccessful compile run.
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Ubuntu 10.10
apt-get install php5-cli

has helped me with the error

After installation my PHP installation simply ran out of memory when compiling the framework. Simply execute the flow3 command line tool for compilation as stated above, wait a minute and refresh the webbrowser again - voila, it works. From my experience you'll need ~64M to run FLOW3 in development mode.

Increasing the php "memory_limit" option in most times solves the problem.