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Package: Flow
Subpackage: Property
Class: F3\FLOW3\Property\TypeConverter\DateTimeConverter
Method: convertFrom() {
Author: Bastian Waidelich <>
Message: The string "..." could not be converted to DateTime with format "..."
Description: A string could not be converted to a \DateTime object. The default format for converting strings to dates is the W3C format (Y-m-d\TH:i:sP) , e.g. "2011-06-24T19:04:23+02:00"
Possible solutions:  If this happens in the MVC stack context and the string to be converted is coming from a fluid template, you can pass an additional hidden field "dateFormat" with the dateformat to be used for the conversion like this:
 <input type="text" name="event[date][date]" id="date" value="{ ->'d.m.Y')}"/>
 <f:form.hidden name="event[date][dateFormat]" value="d.m.Y" />

instead of

 <f:form.textbox id="date" property="date />

Another possibility is to set the format in an initialize*Action from your controller, e.g.:

 public function initializeUpdateAction() {
   ->setTypeConverterOption('F3\FLOW3\Property\TypeConverter\DateTimeConverter', \F3\FLOW3\Property\TypeConverter\DateTimeConverter::CONFIGURATION_DATE_FORMAT, 'd.m.Y');

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