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Ext T3 wishlist

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TYPO3 Extension Wishlist

General Purpose

This wishlist is a place where people can ask programers and designers to create special extensions. However this wishlist is not a job board. It is perfectly fine to sponsor a requested Open Source extension through donations, but commercial requests are not welcome.


  • community extensions: A unified community extension that connects all the other community extensions (like boards, chats, message systems, guestbooks, ecards, sms, mms, social networks, blogs, comments...), providing a unified FE and maybe even BE interface, would be great. Just ask yourself: Why isn't it possible to have the same buddies of chc_forum as the buddies of your ajax chat extension?
  • groupware extensions: T3 is really awesome, but it misses a really important feature: groupware! The taskmanager has to be repaired and improved. There should be an integration into calendar base (as a BE calendar), into workspace (with a 'task'center, including GANTT charts), and maybe even more.
  • HCI extensions: you'll find many ideas in the HCI list that want to be realized, such as a livesearch, a helpsystem (bot), a new BE structure (See into the list before you start!)
  • DAM capable gallery: There are many galleries out there, but none of them makes you 'wow'.. You know the menalto gallery? Why doesn't T3 offers the same possibilities? There's a DAM, but there's not really a FE user interface, like one unified system for images, audio, video and all the other media..
  • A FE document manager for you team! Perhaps in the long run to be an 'alternative' (if possible!) for SharePoint...
  • Meeting Minutes: Who said what? Who voted for what? And which tasks were assigned to who? Automatic email(and sms?)-reminders to people who were assigned a task. Writing meeting minutes through IRRE in the BE. Final Meeting Minutes and task tracking displayed in FE.
  • Record Diff - A extension where you can make a diff between two records, or even between two page trees
  • Better log - A log module which serves more filter possibilitys.
  • Wiki - Make every content element editable and versionable by front end users...
  • RTE - link dialog > page > extra field 'select language' (dropdown)
  • RTE - insert youtube video button (direct search throught youtube api would be nice)
  • RTE - select record (tt_news) + select language dropdown
  • page > shortcut - extra field 'select language' (dropdown)
  • Extension Matrix for the TER
    Abstract function(s) of [ext] => (imports, exports, displays, transforms, manages access, etc)
    Related exts => m:n list of similar [ext], depends on [ext(version)], used by [ext(v)], fork of [ext(v)], merges [ext(v)], conflicts with [ext(v)] with "commit message" eg: merged [old-ext] because [new-ext] does more stuff <-- displayed when viewing either [old-ext] or [new-ext]
    Dev data => link to forge, ratio of filed bug reports to resolved bug reports, dl chart (dl's x time to indicate current usage curve)
    Install data => comments / notes with version m:n (commenter can set note for multiple versions as needed)
    Matrix => ability to select and compare exts by [property](s) in a typical matrix, especially by "abstract function" (above)
    Donation / Code Ransom => Easy way to donate to ext dev and T3 association, possibility to set code ransom levels: ransomOccursWhen($dev = '200EUR', $T3A = '200EUR', $minToGetCode = '10EUR');

If some programmers like to work on the "DAM capable gallery" and "Wiki" would sponsor further work there. Just get in contact. ronald [dot] steiner [at] googlemail [dot] com

Wishes realized so far


Currently working on