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Ext calendar TODO

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This list is ordered by priority.

  1. allow start of the week set via TS (Sunday is start of week in US)
  2. Add (multiple) documents to an event
  3. add ``flags or something, which can be a "Birthday" or a whatever flag. could be nice.
  4. How about making a flag for categories to not allow overlapping events. This would be cool to be able to use to calendar for scheduling a conference room for instance. (easy to implement from the frontend)
  5. Year-view. I've just seen a nice screenshot on typo3-dev from aonther extension, which has a nice year-wise output. you can create nice time-planners this way. (see also PDF export below)
  6. some converter script to import events from advCalendar (migration). should be trivial, though.
  7. Registration of participants (with support for a csv-list of all registered participants)
  8. Viewing of single events with any number of desription pages of the event
  9. Would be nice to have a supporting view which might you let be able to use target groups etc (target groups could actually implemented via categories or a new database relation).
  10. Frontend-Editing support. If anyone want to do this, please contact me, as I have little interest in this.

Future Ideas

  • PDF export of timetables, Year-wise or so (via XML -> PDF)
  • Holidays support. Would be great to have country-wise holidays, that can be full-days events. Same for for Birthdays (actually, Birthdays can be done via categores + category image)