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Ext rdfnewsfeed

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RSS newsfeed (export) extension - bring together current features of different extensions and add new features

(Any comments and ideas are welcome)


there are already existing extensions like cm_rdfexport, danp_extrdfexport and pmk_rssnewsexport. But they all create newsfeed entries only for tt_news. Why not have it also for tt_content, pages, ...? We adapted pmk_rssnewsexport (Thanks to Michael Keukert) to use it for tt_content instead of tt_news (live example see

Best would be the possibility to keep interested people up to date with all relevant new information on a web site. Especially people who do not want to register for a newsletter.

Project Goal

  • bring together features of already existing extension
  • collect ideas and wish-lists
  • gather programming and documenting power

Some ideas

  • choose directy tables where to find newsfeed-items and map fields to title, description, ...

Feature wish list

  • possibility to choose data origen for newsfeed, like tt_news, tt_content, pages, other extensions (like FAQ, Glossary, ...) if installed
  • explicitly exclude single datasets
  • choose number of items
  • choose sorting
  • choose 'what to display' (headline, teaser, bodytext, count of chars/crop count...)
  • Format to export (RSS. RDF, ATOM)
  • will HTML be filtered or not
  • conversion of special chars to HTML entities

Need, Participation
You need an extension like this?
Raise by one: 2
You are willing to participate?
Put your name and possible contributions here or contact me

page started by Franz Ripfel, A.BE.ZET, Feb 2005
don't hesitate to contact me under typo3(at) on questions