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Extension Development page types

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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

page types (type,typeNum) used by extensions

This page gives an overview of which page types are used by other extensions already. Although the page type (typeNum) is configurable, it is advisable to choose a type that is not used by any other extension yet.

NOTE: some of these typeNums might get obsolete with TYPO3 4.0 where extensions can hook up into index.php and take over the rendering of the page via the eID HTTP GET parameter. But for backwards compatibility we should try to stick with these reserved typeNums.

News (EXT:tt_news)

100-110 for various XML export formats like RSS, RDF or ATOM. Actually only 100 is used by default, but users can configure additional XML formats or different feeds for different categories and thus it is needed to keep at least a range of 10 page types free.

Sitemgr (EXT:sitemgr)

157 for indicating that the page is of type customer

TIMTAB (EXT:timtab)

200 for XML-RPC Server, might get opened for other extensions using XML-RPC if the Server component gets moved into an own extension

AJAX Server (EXT:ajax) (not published yet)

500 for Ajax communication

jEdit TypoScript external editing (EXT:jeditvfs)

761 for XML-RPC service

Photoblog (EXT:photoblog)

1000 for XML feed service

Atom Feed Publisher (EXT:jl_atom) (not published yet)

2008 for web feeds in Atom format

TYPO3 Podcast Extension (EXT:nbo_podcast)

9009 for podcast XML

Category-System (EXT:toi_category)

201 for Category Pages

Direct Mail (EXT:direct_mail)

99 for plaintext version of the newsletter

199 for plaintext preview of the newsletter

File Page (EXT:filepage)

157 for file pages. this value is configurable.

Cart (EXT:cart)

181 for "Cart: Cart"

182 for "Cart: Product"

183-185 for some planned features