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Extension award 2005 cron cssstyledimgtext

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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

draft for extension of 2005

Extension Award 2005


Category: All-time-stars, Owner: Ernesto Baschny

CSS styled IMGTEXT is the Winner of the Extension Award 2005 in the Category "All-time-stares". The award was organized by the Extension Coordination Team.

Our congratulations go to an extension of best usefullness, high quality and full documentation with continous support in a dedicated newsgroup. The extension has earned a central position for the creation of of accessible websites.

It is founded on the extensions css_styled_imagetex by Ingmar Schlech and css_styled_content by Kasper Skarhoj.


The extension has been proposed by Hauke Haller on 27. dec 2005 in

cron_cssstyledimgtext is my favorite, because :

cron_cssstyledimgtext gives the user the possibility to integrate images 
in a modern, css-styled way. All layout-alternatives a solved using f.e. 
elegant <dl>-tags. The extension is documentated extensive.

Sorry for the short hooray for cron_cssstyledimgtext, it is caused by my 
weak english knowledge an cron_cssstyledimgtext is much better as described above. 
Maybe someone would like to complete the text.

Reviews of the jury


  • mostly good coding style
  • good comments in the code
  • clear manual with lots of examples and screenshots
  • a really big step towards CSS-based, standards-based and semantic markup
  • integrates well with Typo3
  • improves accessibility
  • runs mostly "out of the box"
  • setup is in static/


  • EM warnings
  • not-so-good coding style in some places: too long functions, too short variable names

Get it here: