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Extension award 2005 dam

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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

draft for extension of 2005

Extension Award 2005

Media (DAM)

Category: Newcomers Owner: René Fritz

Media (DAM) is the Winner of the Extension Award 2005 in the Category "Newcomers". The award was organized by the Extension Coordination Team.

Our congratulations go to an extension of best usefullness and high quality with continous support in a dedicated newsgroup. The extension is one important step froma Web CMS a full featured CMS.

Although dam is available in the TER from an early state and developed continously, we count it as newcomer for 2005. In this year the newsgroup was started, wich gave one deciding impulse for a widespread acceptance.


The extension has been proposed by Stefan Geith on 29. dec 2005 in

I would like to propose DAM.

Even if it is not finaly finished, its my favourite, because
it ends all the troubles, organising  these 'dam'ned file-resources ...
I already use the verson von July 2005 and it works great.



Reviews of the jury


  • very important for bringing Typo3 forward (especially when comparing it to big commercial CMSes)
  • clear manual with good screenshots


  • not very OOP
  • EM warnings
  • some class names are abbreviations or acronyms
  • lots of commented-out-code
  • PhpDoc is not complete and sometimes just incorrect
  • huge functions

Get it here: