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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

The ECT is newly born and it is not very easy to change the community away from the "do it yourself" mentality to a "cooperation" mentality! See the ECT/Extensions.

Peter Kindström in


The current merged list that can be copy-pasted into the newsgroup easily


20. July 2006: The Trac Webbrowser for SVN has been setup by Jan-Hendrik

18. July 2006: The calendar project "Calendar Base" joins ECT as the official calendar project of ECT

16. July 2006: Jan-Hendrik Heuing takes up responsibility as member of the board

13. July 2006: The Xajax extension is published as stable

28. June 2006: Christoph Koehler takes up the coordinator's role of the FE Forms Library Team

19. June 2006: ECT becomes an official node ot the R&D team

26. March 2006: First Version of MVC is published to TER: lib, div, articles

6. March 2006: Article in the T3N-Magazine (German)
See the T3N-Magazine 1.06 and the ECT-Article (PDF).

1. Jan 2006: List of nominations:
for the Extension of the Year contest

27. Dec 2005: Extension of the Year Contest:
As a first measure of QA we start the contest Extension of the Year.

19. Dec 2005: Our newsgroup and mailinglist is there. See below for addresses. Thanks to Michael Stucki. Subscribe and coordinate now!

14. Dec 2005: In NG Kasper Skårhøj announces to join the ECT and gives personal approval for our chosen Name Extension Coordination Team. Welcome Kasper in ECT. Kasper proposes to bring first results of ECT already into TYPO 4.5, which is planned for spring 2006 under the theme "Improve usabilty and ease-of-use". No time to lose now. Read the full posting here.

14. Dec 2005: On the discussion page Kasper publishes his definiton of "Portal Standards".

Lists and Repositories


Flowchart draft of ECT production cycle

The board is responsible to coordinate the different teams and projects.

  • Leader: Elmar Hinz
  • Board: Jan-Hendrik Heuing
  • Board: void

The maximum is 5 board members including the leader. As an upcoming team we start with 3.

Coordinated Projects

See the list of ECT/Extensions.

Most Active Projects

MVC Framework for Extensions

MVC for extensions with the lib/div library
  • Elmar Hinz (tx_lib, tx_div)
  • Michael Scharkow (controller, consulting)
  • interested party: Nick Weisser, Achim Eichhorn, Joerg Schoppet, Jan-Hendrik Heuing, Michael Sharkow, Ernesty Baschny, Jeff Segars, Daniel Brüßler

The chance:

Comparison with other Frameworks:

Subprojects/ components:

Calendar Base

Calendar Base
  • Jeff Segars (coordinator)
  • Mario Matzulla (project leader)
  • Steffen Kamper (co-developer)
  • Ingo Renner (testing, bugreports)
  • Paul Fetch (templating)
  • interested party: Stefan Kreisberg, Stig Nørgaard Færch, Carlos Chiari, Alexander Langer, Herbert Roider, Robert Markula, Troels Kjaer Rasmussen,
  • calendar extensions: Kasper (tt_calender), Alexander Langer (calendar), Elmar Hinz (vcd_calendar), Juraj Benadik & Mads-Peter Brunn Jensen (advCalendar), Volker Biberger (sk_calendar), and a lot more ...

Extension Comparison

  • Wolfgang Schröder (coordinator, concept, author)
  • Gina Steiner (concept, author)
  • Thomas Hempel (concept, author)
  • Antje Möller (concept, author)
  • Stefan Steinbeck (author)
  • Andreas Lenz (peer to t3n)
  • Jan Christe (peer to t3n)
  • Patrick Rodacker (peer to Extension Rating System and Reviews)

Active Projects

Party Information Framework

Party Information Framework
  • David Brühlmeier (coordinator)
  • Elmar Hinz (member)
  • Peter Kindström (member)
  • Norman Seibert (member)
  • David Slayback (member)
  • Oliver Hader (member)
  • Robert Lemke (member)

Forms Library for FE Extensions

  • (coordinator needed)
  • Jan-Hendrik Heuing (repository)
  • Jeff Segars (validation)
  • Mario Chiari (validation)
  • David Lanier (Documentation)
  • interested party: Edwin de Jong, Jochen Rieger,Jérôme Schneider, Daniel Pötzinger, Michael Sharkow, Sebastian Kurfürst, Nick Weisser (Documentation), Jo Hasenau (TypoScript and forms accessibility), Ernesto Bachny (forms accessibility), Elmar Hinz (interaction with MVC)

Extension Rating System and Reviews

Extension Review System
  • Patrick Rodacker (coordinator)

Modern Extension Coding Guidelines

  • Elmar Hinz (first drafts)


  • for Ajax-support on the server
  • Elmar Hinz (xaJax Library)
  • Joerg Schoppet (xaJax Tutor)


  • Steffen Kamper (content on Team-page)
  • Daniel Brüßler (todo: create wiki-page, template as helper for sync between wiki-content and, some content on Team-page)


  • Steffen Kamper
  • ideas from Ingo Renner, Ries van Twisk, Ernesto Baschny, Daniel Brüßler

Slumbering Projects

Content Rendering Schemes

(In cooperation with CRG:Content Rendering Group)

  • WANTED (coordinator)

Library of TypoScript Snippets

  • WANTED (coordinator)

TYPO3 to go: Quickstart Packages

  • WANTED (coordinator)
  • interested party: Susanne Moog (writing tutorials, design, css), Patrick Rodacker (package for universities and schools), Manfred Rutschmann (design, css, documentation), Arnd Messer, Rainer Sudhölter, Pierre Rouwens, Elmar Hinz

Project Proposals

Add new project proposals here.

Object Persistence Framework

Database access layer with support for relationships and a simple api - load,save,delete,search

TYPO3 Zengarden

CSS Zen Garden
  • WANTED (coordinator)

Global Categories

  • interested party: Rene Fritz, Michael Stucki, David Toshack, Ingo Renner, Ernesto Baschny, Stefano Cercere, Franz Koch, Mads Brunn


  • Contagged - auto-parsing, tagging and replacing of terms in a text. For auto-linking, Synonyms.

Enhanced Rights Management

  • Roles
  • ACL

Mail Framework

  • targets
    • incorporate all mailing list/newsletter related extensions
    • ease of setup
    • ease of use
  • interested party: David Toshack

FE User Registration

  • refactoring of sr_feuserregister or coding a new one
  • targets
    • ease of setup
    • better DB Model

Get it contact with User:Franzholz if you want to contribute here.

How do I propose or start a new project?


Better Error Messages by Exception-handling

Isn't there a better way to produce more "uncryped" messages?

Three Information Blocks:

  1. Easy/Basic Error Description (Everybody could understand this.)
  2. How has this Error happend ... last Action ... (Info for the Dev.)
    1. Typo3 Ver. and Ext. Ver, Apache Ver, etc.
    2. The "cryped" Error (The usual one)
  3. Call to Action. What can i do now. (Dev. eMail addy, Dev. Forum Mailinglist, etc.)

Example: When the DB class gets wrong SQL it just can write a simple error-message what doesn't tell anything to a newbee.

(from Jens Hoffmann in HCI-newsgroup)

If the DB-class throws an error (but with PHP4 it's not so easy like PHP5) the calling extension can write a good error-message. (Daniel Brüßler)

Well it would be nice, to have a doc on what to do, if error XYZ occurs.. In fact only showing the error doesn't help. It would be better to know the facts that lead to the error, and of course the actions you can do, to get rid of it. (from Andreas Balzer in HCI-newsgroup)


All extensions should behave the same way as much as possible. This would make it easier for our customers to use them. Enter your proposals here and make annotations to the proposals of others. If nobody opposes within some months your proposals will be announced as a recommended TYPO3 extension development standard. And then other extension developers will be encouraged to program complying these guidelines.

--Franz Holzinger 08:55, 17 May 2007 (CEST)

Investigation of Other Products

Code that is GPL or LGPL could be implemented into TYPO3 like we did with xajax. Some Projects could be candidates for a cooperation. Otheres are interesting as competitors to learn from them.


Propel Query Toolkit
  • Description: The propel project checks out what gains and what conflict result if we use propel for database access in extensions. Propel is a full-service object persistence and query toolkit for PHP. This type of tool is also called an Object Relational Mapping (ORM). Propel is based on the Apache Torque project and written for PHP5.
  • Coordinator: Jan-Hendirk


Drupal CMS
  • Description: The drupal project investigates the special features of drupal, that is said to have strengthes in the community field, so called "Social Software". What can we learn from it? Could a cooperation be interesting? Are there any TYPO3/Drupal coinstallationes?
  • Coordinator:

Corner of Inventions

Here we present extensions that experiment with new ideas. We think this ideas have good chances to make the way into the core as soon as the concept has proven to be successfull. They will be part of the ECT status reports to the R&D team.

Quicker Frontend

TS Editor with Highlighting and Code Completion for the BE

TS editor with highlighting
  • Inventor: Bernhard Kraft
  • Source:
  • Idea: Usage of htmlarea to bring modern features of editors to TS editing
  • Gain: Syntax highlighting, structure highlighting, code completition
  • Needs extension coordination: Adding of a syntax verification array within extensions for extension TS

Dynamic Flexforms

  • Inventor: Thomas Hempel
  • Source: dynaflex
  • Idea: Changing the TCA on the fly with special support of XML definitions.
  • Gain: Dynamic BE Forms

Folder Specific Forms

  • Inventor: Elmar Hinz
  • Source: elba
  • Idea: Marker in PageTS to select a special schema of a BE form
  • Gain: Use the same table specifically for different applications (i.e. tt_address)


Please register here, to give a few hints, in what fields you are interested. Project leaders will invite you to join their project. In the moment you start to contribute, you become an active member of ECT.

  1. Elmar Hinz, elmar(DOT)hinz(at)team(MINUS)red(DOT)net: portal quickstart package
  2. Patrick Rodacker, patrick(DOT)rodacker(at)the (MINUS)reflection(DOT)de: concepts, extension rating system, preconfigured installation packages
  3. David Brühlmeier, typo3(at)bruehlmeier(DOT)com: Partner Framework, design, minor development, documentation
  4. Norman Seibert, seibert(at)entios(DOT)de: Partner Framework + Authentication, concepts, design, development, documentation
  5. Manfred Rutschmann, manfred(DOT)rutschmann(at)cobra(MINUS)tut(DOT)de: preconfigured installation packets, documentation
  6. Arnd Messer, a(DOT)messer(at)freiraum(MINUS)medien(DOT)de: preconfigured installation packages, design, css, documentation
  7. Rainer Sudhölter r(DOT)sudhoelter(at)web(DOT).de: documentation, preconfigured installation packets, MS Windows specific topics
  8. Pierre Rouwens pierre_rouwens(at)dmr(dot)ca:documentation portal quickstart, extension rating system
  9. Jeff Segars, jeff(at)webempoweredchurch(DOT)org: preconfiguration installation packages, global categorization partner framework
  10. Robert Lemke, robert (at) typo3(dot)org: Coordinate and help integration of new functions into the TER and TYPO3 Association peer
  11. Mark Stephenson, Mark(at)WebempoweredChurch(dot)com: extension development process, guidelines and standards.
  12. Stefano Cecere, stefano2006(at)krur(dot)com: quality assurance and usability.
  13. Kai Laborenz. laborenz(at)sunbeam(minus)berlin(dot)de, markup & accessibility
  14. Jan-Hendrik Heuing, jh(at)digitaldistrict(dot)de, interoperability of extensions, including central / common layout mechanisms.
  15. David Slayback, dave(at)webempoweredchurch(dot)org: Partner Framework, Portal standards, global categorization.
  16. Ries van Twisk, ries(at)
  17. Jo "JoH" Hasenau, info(at)
  18. Oliver Klee, typo3-coding(at)oliverklee(dot)de: providing compliant extensions
  19. Achim Eichhorn, a(dot)eichhorn(at)screenwerks(dot)net: mvc, (mda), test driven development
  20. Edwin de Jong, G(dot)E(dot)deJong(at)student(dot)utwente(dot)nl: new Form Framework
  21. Jochen Rieger, j(dot)rieger(at)connecta(dot)ag: new Form Framework
  22. Mario Chiari, chiari(dot)hm(at)flashnet(dot)it: new Form Framework
  23. Davide Principi, d(dot)principi(AT)provincia(dot)ps(dot)it: Grouped List Layout
  24. Jérôme Schneider, typo3dev(at)ameos(dot)com: new Form Framework
  25. Jan Wischnat, jan(at)wischnat(dot)de - Accessibility Questions
  26. Daniel Pötzinger, info(at) - Rights Management; FE Forms lib
  27. Christoph Koehler, christoph(dot)koehler(at)gmail(dot)com - FE Forms Framework
  28. Joerg Schoppet, joerg(at)schoppet(dot)de - MVC
  29. David Toshack, david(at)vaultin(dot)com Partner Framework + Authentication through roles, merging similar/conflicting extension development through guidance and coordination.
  30. Susanne Moog, mail(at)susi-moog(dot)de - preconfigured installation packages, writing tutorials, design, css
  31. Nick Weisser, nick(at)openstream(dot)ch - "TYPO3 on Rails" (see e.g. Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, etc.), MVC, XForms, FE Forms Library
  32. Daniel Brüßler, - Support for Documentation
  33. Yannick Pavard, yannick.pavard(at)infoglobe.(dot)ca : Quality Assurance, usability, css and evaluation/comparative
  34. Philip Almeida, philip.almeida(at)gmail.(dot)com : MVC,AJAX
  35. Edy Haryono, edy.haryono(at)gmail.(dot)com : Performance, Usability, User Centered Design

Definition of terms

  • team: A team is a subnode to another team or commitee. It is defined by the authority that is assigned to it by the supernode. Teams are the structures that carry the longterm responsibility and coordination.
  • project: A project is is related to one or more teams. Each team can be related to several projects. Projects are the structures where the productional work happens. A project typically has a temporary nature.
  • simple project: A project of one or 2 persons is a simple project without a defined project group.
  • project group: A project with at least 3 contributers is a project group. Each superordinate team is connected to the project by one project coordinator. Internally the group chooses a form of organization that fits best to the nature of the project. A project leader can be nominated.
  • leader: The leader of a team reports to the supernode and is itself a member of the supernode. He can setup a board.
  • coordinator: Coordinators of project groups report to their teams and are members of the team. Every praticipating team nominates only one coordinator even if sending several members.
  • board: The board of a team is responsible for the coordiantion of subteams and projects. It nominates the leaders and coordinators.
  • members: People that have taken up an active role within ECT or one of the projects.
  • candidates: Registered people looking for an active role.
  • interested party: People who are connected to a project in some or other way. Potential candidates to become active members.

glosssary of ECT


SPL Standard PHP Library Functions a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve standard problems see