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Extension of the Year

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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

draft for extension of 2005

Sponsor the winners

The "Extension of the Year" is a contest organized by the Extension Coordination Team to improve quality of extensions and documentation. The winning extension is elected by the members of the team. Proposals can be made by everybody.

For more Informations see the rules below.

Extension of the Year 2005


6. Jan 2005 The winners are:


cron_cssstyledimgtext: CSS styled IMGTEXT

Visit the Award Page of CSS styled IMGTEXT for detailed informations.


dam: Media (DAM)

Visit the Award Page of DAM for detailed informations. [1]


  • cron_cssstyledimgtext: 20
  • rtehtmlarea: 19
  • chc_forum: 11
  • dam: 22
  • timtab: 16
  • timtaw: 12

Valid votings 10, Invalid votings 0

Nominated extensions 2005

Category A: Alltimestars

chc_forum: CHC Forum

proposed by Michelle Heizer

  • Zach Davis (owner)
  • Lucas Thurston (development)
  • Janno Schouwenburg (bugfixing)
cron_cssstyledimgtext: CSS styled IMGTEXT

proposed by Hauke Haller

  • Ernesto Baschny (owner)
  • Ingmar Schlecht (original development as css_styled_imagetext)
  • Kasper Skårhøj (original development as css_styled_content)
rtehtmlarea: htmlArea RTE

proposed by by Ernesto Bashny

  • Stanislas Rolland (extension owner)
  • Mihai Bazon (HTMLarea)
  • Kasper Skårhøj (initial integration)
  • Philipp Borgmann (initial integration)
  • Jan Wulff (conception)
  • Cornelia Lange (icons)
  • Pierre-Yves Gadina (icons)
  • Rob De Vries (icons)
  • Thomas Loo (ESC is an ECMAScript pre-processor)
  • Mark Wubben (Event cache)
  • Petr Simek (mozilla allowClipboard helper)

Category B: Newcomers

dam: Media (DAM)

proposed by by Stefan Geith

  • René Fritz
timtab: TIMTAB Weblog

proposed by Thomas Hempel

  • Ingo Renner (owner)
timtaw: TimTaw

proposed by Franz Holzinger

  • Sebastian Kurfuerst (owner)
  • Robert Lemke (development)
  • Ingmar Schlecht (development)

Explenatory statements

CHC Forum

The CHC Forum, created by Zach Davis and Lucas Thurston of Cast Iron
Coding, has been an invaluable addition to achieving a community
solution in TYPO3. This extension is tightly integrated with TYPO3,
which allows a developer to add it to the website seamlessly. Before
this extension, developers needed to use a third party forum, modify
countless templates and build a custom extension just to bridge between
the forum's authentication and TYPO3's. With CHC Forum, full
administration can be done through the TYPO3 backend, while certain
users can be allowed moderation rights for administration in the
frontend, thus making it extremely easy-to-use.

The CHC Forum manual is very thorough with step-by-step instructions for
users, administrators and developers. It goes beyond most manuals with
the addition of "Common Problems and Solutions" under "Configuration",
"3rd Party Integration" and "Tips and Tricks". Even without the manual,
the forum was developed in such a way that it runs almost
out-of-the-box, thanks to "Quick Install" instructions for the

Support is provided through the TYPO3 bug tracker and the forum's own
mailing list group. The developer frequently answers requests and fixes
bugs in a timely manner. Recent improvements include cwt_community
integration, ratings of posts, the ability for moderators to
lock/unlock/hide/unhide threads and the ability for users to "watch

The CHC Forum has led to a few collaborations. The News with CHC-Forum
extension by Rupert Germann allows visitors to leave comments to news
items and integrates them with a thread in the forum. The forum can also
be integrated with the CWT Community extension, created by Sebastian
Faulhaber, to provide developers with additional community features.
This also supplies a strong model of how one extension can work with
several other high profile extensions to expand functionality.

Happy Holidays!


31. dec 2005 by Michelle Heizer in typo3.teams.extension-coordination

cron_cssstyledimgtext is my favorite, because :

cron_cssstyledimgtext gives the user the possibility to integrate images 
in a modern, css-styled way. All layout-alternatives a solved using f.e. 
elegant <dl>-tags. The extension is documentated extensive.

Sorry for the short hooray for cron_cssstyledimgtext, it is caused by my 
weak english knowledge an cron_cssstyledimgtext is much better as described above. 
Maybe someone would like to complete the text.

27. dec 2005 by Hauke Haller in

I would like to propose DAM.

Even if it is not finaly finished, its my favourite, because
it ends all the troubles, organising  these 'dam'ned file-resources ...
I already use the verson von July 2005 and it works great.



29. dec 2005 by Stefan Geith in

I would like to propose rtehtmlarea, which took a huge step forward this
year. Stanislau has doing a great job, and its not a coincidence that
this is now THE official RTE for TYPO3. A rich set of new features, many
bug fixes, very nice support through the typo3.projects.rte newsgroup.
So even if it has been released before 2005, I still want to propose it,
as it has been so massively improved in 2005.


28. dec 2005 by Ernesto Bashny in

I think TIMTAB is one of the most exciting extensions of the year 2005. 
A very nice example of how exsting tings can be connected to get another 
great new thing. Blogging is a very important thing that made TYPO3 much 
more interesting for a lot of people.

29. dec 2005 by Thomas Hempel in

My proposal is timtaw.

Description: 	TYPO3 Is More Than A Wiki (but now offers wiki
functionality, too) - Wiki for TYPO3 using lots of TYPO3 functions

It is a simple solution which is well integrated into TYPO3. It is
supported by so many members that it is overwhelming.
It is small (only a few code lines) and offers everything you know
already from the TYPO3 backend that you do not need to read any more
books to be able to use it in the frontend.


29. dec 2005 by Franz Holzinger in

Incomming proposals

Proposals with explenatory statement

See list of officially accepted proposals.

Proposals without sufficient explenatory statement


Backend ACLs:

Patrick Gaumond

TV: Allstar Changes the way sites are created.

31.12.2005 by Wes Currier in typo3.english

- this is infact typo3 developers favorite extension. 
- it has the flexibility of extending as and when required.


for the "all timer" i propose
- tt_news , for it's completeness and richness of features
- w4x_backup (i could not live so happy without it (even if i have a personal server with backup)
(and please: LET'S raise these two exts to STABLE status (now they are still BETA!!)

29.12.2005 by Stefano Cercere typo3.teams.extension-coordination

How to propose?

  • Tell the people why you think your proposal should become the extension of the year.
  • Your text should be worked out in a way, that it can by used as justification for the extension in the official list of proposals.
  • Your text should be send to the newsgroups or typo3.teams.extension-coordination

Consider following points:

  • usefullness
  • documentation
  • configuration
  • best practice
  • improvements (for category A)
  • support

Logo 2005

First draft

(designed by Manfred Rutschmann for ECT)

draft for extension of 2005

Second draft

(designed by Manfred Rutschmann for ECT)

draft for extension of 2005

Rules 2005

(settled for 2005 by Elmar Hinz)

We elect an extension in 2 categories:

  • Category N (newcomer): for extensions first publisched in 2005
  • Category A (all-stars): for all extensions ever published

(We will discuss further categories for contest 2006.)

Proposals (x-mas until silvester)

  • only category N: The extension of the year needs to be first published in 2005 or in december 2004.
  • only category A: An extension can win this category only once, to give others a chance. (All can take part this year, it is the first contest.)
  • It needs to be proposed during the proposal period until 31.12.05.
  • Everybody is allowed to propose extensions in or typo3.teams.extension-coordination
  • Nobody is allowed to propose his own extensions.
  • An explenatory statement (text of justification) has to be sent in with the proposal. It is needed for the list of proposals and the official announcement.
  • All and only proposals with appropriate text, go into the list of proposals.
  • The list of proposals is closed and published on 31.12.2005 in the wiki.

Election (new year until epiphany)

  • Discussion and voting of the proposals happens from 1. - 6. January in the ECT-newsgroup/list.
  • Only team members that signed up for the team until 31.12.05 in the wiki are allowed to vote + Kasper.
  • Every member of the ECT has 5 votes per category. It can give 1, 2 or 3 of his votes for one extension. All votes in one posting.
  • You are allowed to to alter your opinion during discussion until 6. january 12:00 UTC by sending newer postings. Your last posting counts.
  • You can vote from 1.- 6. january (12:00 UTC)
  • The winner is the extension with best voting.

The winner is announced on epiphany

  • The winning extension is announced on evening of Epiphany (6.January)
  • It get's the official label "Extension of the year 2005 - by the Extension Coordination Team"
  • It get's the official logo "Extension Award 2005"


  • The voting only starts if we have at least 5 valid proposals on the proposal list.
  • Valid means extensions first published in 2005 and with appropriate text of justification.
  • The voting only is successfull when at least 8 members of ECT decide to vote, otherwise there is no winner.

We would like to give prizes to the winners of the next TYPO3 Extension Award. We will probably have 4 or 6 categories. We think to give at least 1000 Euro/Dollars to each winner. Each winner could be sponsored by one company. If you like, you may sponsor the complete contest. Let us talk about it: elmar(DOT)hinz(AT)team(MINUS)red(DOT)net.