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Extensions for the core

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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)

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Extensions which SHOULD BE merged into the TYPO3 Core

notice - Note

  • List only existing extensions here. This page is not meant for submitting any bugs.
  • Don't remove the version part of the URL; otherwise RealURL can't show the extension.

This is a list of extensions which are small and/or useful for most TYPO3 installations and should be merged into the TYPO3 Core. Merged, in this context, does not mean that the whole extension will be moved into the core; only the functionality that everyone would agree should be in there by default.


  • right-to-left backend: zor_rtl (Extension doesn't work with current TYPO3 version) - Votes: 5
  • extension dependency viewer maja_dependencyviewer - Votes: 1
  • Manipulate TCA easily (ctrl, iconFile ...) (Should then also be integrated for user TSconfig.): tcamanipulate - Votes: 7
  • Imagemap Wizard: imagemap_wizard - Votes: 1
  • Forced Download: pmkfdl Can force download of files like images, PDFs, MP3 ect., overriding the browser settings. Can create secure download links based on usergroup access. Extends stdWrap/typolink. - Votes: 6
  • Constant Editor support for Non-Admins: constant_editor - Votes: 2
  • Allows to define which buttons to display for WebList records based on BE User/Group kb_modlist_actions - Votes: 2
  • API for Backend modules to get a proper path to the Frontend page (simulateStatic/RealURL/CoolURI-like) pagepath - Votes: 3
  • WebFunc, Wizards, Create page tree: wizard_crpagetree - Votes: 1


  • RTE Generic Records ch_rterecords: Link any kind of record via RTE links browser. Votes: 3
    • Other extension that can link to records: linkhandler. Votes: 3

Accepted extensions which are planned to be integrated into the TYPO3 Core


  • TC BE User Admin tc_beuser (BE users/groups mangement by non-admin): Votes: 2
  • Site-/Content-Builder-Project zed_more_columns, gb_bedraganddrop, kb_pm_paste - Votes: 12
  • Unpacks compressed files in the fileadmin: kb_unpack. kb_unpack is deprecated in favour of kb_packman (De/Compression of zip, tar.gz and RAR. Possible global/sysext name: archive_tool?) - Votes: 10 -- denied files have to be checked correctly: AFAIK is fine in kb_packman (kraftb @ 2013-01-21)
  • Edit Frontend Only-flag. ("This extension adds a checkbox to be_users and if that checkbox is set, they are not allowed entrance into the Typo3 backend, but redirected to the frontend immediately after login.") frontend_edit_only - Votes: 8
  • vara_feurlfrombe. Generate a frontend URL from the backend via clickmenu "View Page" and "Save & View" buttons and plugin.tt_news.SinglePid from TS for News Item "Save & View" buttons (This part belongs in tt_news but a hook should be available). - Votes: 1 -- needs more possibly some more things for RealURL, CoolURI
  • Changes the field URL in doktype External link into input with link browser jb_external_typolink



Extensions that have been merged into the TYPO3 Core

These extension have been successfully merged into the specified versions:

Ideas/concepts that went into the TYPO3 Core

The ideas or concepts of these extensions went into the Core, but not the actual extensions:

Stuff that will NOT get into the TYPO3 Core

The following ones are interesting extensions, but there are some good reasons why they will NOT get into the core.

  • macina_searchbox Feature should be integrated into Indexed Search.
  • oecolorscheme Provide better usability by adding colorschemes helping distinguish blocks of fields in BE when editing any Content Element. Implementation isn't perfect but the principle should be move forward
  • Rounded corners on images rounded_corners
  • bvd_set_page_title Use the subtitle field to generate the page title in the Front End. Votes: 1 -- Can be done via TypoScript
  • BE User Log beko_beuserlog View of successful and failed login attempts should be better integrated with the Tools->Log module - Votes: 3 -- information is already shown
  • swg_tca_ext_10mb and asfk_uploadsize (not moved into the core as a default but should be configurable via Install Tool) - Votes: 7 -- can be done via $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['BE']['maxFileSize'] which is set to 10240 kBytes by default
  • Better stdWrap: kb_betterstdwrap - Votes: 8 -- can be done in TypoScript with data:global
  • Bug Fix for config.typolinkCheckRootline to work for TMENU and GMENU also. Allows links to multiple domains in a menu p2_menudom Votes: 2 -- please put bugfixes to bugtracker and not to a new extension
  • Set page type via context menu: setpagetype - Votes: 4 -- too specific, not required
  • Captcha captcha - Votes: 1 -- not relying on single Captcha, but will provide a API in TYPO3 4.2 for such plugins to front-end forms
  • Static Info Tables static_info_tables - Votes: 5 -- not enough votes
  • Make Standard-Contentelements (Text, Text with image, etc.) as flexible as the rest of TYPO3. At the same time make them highly and easily configurable, interchangeable between projects and NOT using XML (aka Templavoila) rather (re)using the standard tt_content table: th_specialelements -- too special for the TYPO3 Core
  • Page Tree Gadgets: Add clickmenus for Expand/Collapse stfl_ptg (was merged into pagetreetools) - Votes: 3 -- not enough votes, too specific for the TYPO3 Core
  • kb_page_icon. Allows to set different icons for each page in the BE page-tree browser. - Votes: 3 -- too special for the TYPO3 Core
  • BE-login simulation for FE-users: simulatebe - Votes: 4 -- security related
  • newloginbox has been replaced by a built-in one called felogin which itself replaces the really old plugin from the 3.x era.
  • User Import Tool: rs_userimp - Votes: 9 -- too specific for the TYPO3 Core, but LDAP integration planned
  • Front End User Registration sr_feuser_register The feusers error messages are needed everywhere. - Votes: 7 -- cannot be integrated as extension and needs clean rewriting/refactoring
  • Apply TYPO3 access rights to ALL file assets, protect them from direct access. naw_securedl - Votes: 4 -- already available with jumpUrl and juSecure in tslib_fe
  • MD5 FE Password: kb_md5fepw - Votes: 27 -- With RSA authentication a more secure way to transfer passwords has been included in TYPO3 4.3.