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This page belongs to the - Team (category TYPO3org)
This page belongs to the TER - TYPO3 Extension Repository project (category Project)

Brainstorming on new Extensions Categories

Goals and logic behind this list:

  • Minimal number of categories with the less confusion possible.
  • The quantity of Ext in "Miscenaleous" should be very small.
  • If there's more than 10 extensions, it deserves a category.
  • We should not take the version aspect of TYPO3 as a category.

Proposed list and array by Michael Scharkow, the actual coder doing the job:

As of September 19th.

$em_categories = array (

    '3rdparty' => ' Third party integration',
    'admin' => 'Administration and maintainance',
    'auth' => 'Authentication and user management',
    'beskin' => 'Backend Skins',
    'cal_events' => 'Calendar and event management',
    'commerce' => 'Shopping and commerce',
    'community' => 'Community and intranet',
    'core' => 'Core enhancements',
    'libs' => 'Libraries',
    'editors' => 'Editor components',
    'forms' => 'Forms and generic user input',
    'multimedia' => 'Galleries and multimedia support',
    'news' => 'News and blogs',
    'discuss' => 'Forums, guestbooks and comments',
    'impexp' => 'Import/Export and syndication',
    'mail' => 'Mail and newsletters',
    'menus' => 'Menus and sitemaps',
    'polls' => 'Polls and surveys',
    'rendering' => 'Content rendering and filters',
    'stats' => 'Statistics and reporting',
    'templates' => 'Templates and templating',
    'misc' => 'Miscellaneous stuff',


plus the old ones!

3rd party integration Single sign-on, SugarCRM, SAP, DBAL, phpadsnew, ltg_phpadsnew, cobwebphpadsnew

Authentication and user management LDAP, Fe users add-ons

BE Skin t3skin

Calendar/News/Events tt_news, calendar base, event managers

Commerce tt_shop

Community cwt

Content add-on PDF generators

Core enhancement TCA modifications

Dev and libraries captcha

Documentation MTB, FTB

Editors htmlarea, TinyRCE

Education Anything that could be used by educational customers

File management???

Forms Quiz

Gallery and multimedia

Import/export RSS related + others

Internationalization / Languages pack

Link management RealURL (category IMO also fits for tt_links, lz_links, julle_external_links, ab_linklist, n_linklist, jubar_weblinks, so_surfing and linklist - thus the category could be confusing)


Menu ??? Flash generated menus

Mini-apps (better wording) -- Widgets(?) Help desk, Real estate, Recipes, etc..




Site maps

Statistics and reporting

Templates and templating


What others are using:


They use Categories and Types. Types are like our categories right now and are technically oriented classification. Extensions in Joomla can have multiple types. Categories have subcategories.


  • Component
  • Module
  • Plugin
  • Language


Admin Tools Admin Interface, Backup, Data Conversion, Database Management, File Management, Reporting, Search Engine Friendly URLs, Server, Statistics...

Banner Ads & Affiliates Advertising Banners, Classified Ads

Calendars Events, Reservations

Communication Chat, Comments, Forum, Guest Book, Newsletter, Polls

Content & News Blog, Clocks, Content Management, eCards, Images, Maps, News, Quiz, Ratings & Reviews...

Core Enhancements Accessibility, Categories/Sections, Credits, Group Access, Menu Systems, Multiple Sites, Security, User Management

Documentation Bibliography, Downloads, FAQ, Glossary & Dictionary, Wiki

e-Commerce Amazon, Auction, Data Interchange (EDI), Donations, Payment Systems, Shopping Cart


Gallery & Multimedia Gallery, Podcasting, Streaming Media

Intranet & Groupware Contacts, CRM, LDAP

Languages Multi-lingual Content, Translations for Joomla

Miscellaneous Books, Development Tools, Help Desk, Real Estate, Recipes, Sports & Games

Search & Indexing Directory, Google, Search, Site Map




   * 3rd party integration (17)
   * Administration (30)
   * Categories (7)
   * Commerce / advertising (8)
   * Community (13)
   * Content (25)
   * Content display (28)
   * Developer (9)
   * Evaluation/rating (11)
   * Event (7)
   * File management (1)
   * Filters/editors (19)
   * Import/export (2)
   * Location (3)
   * Mail (12)
   * Media (7)
   * Paging (1)
   * Security (6)
   * Syndication (6)
   * Taxonomy (12)
   * Term (2)
   * Theme related (4)
   * User access/authentication (10)
   * Utility (23)


(A repository of scripts)


Interesting features:

  • Multiple categories
  • Link to : "Other products by this author"
  • RSS feed for each category
  • Contact author
  • Link to source repository

Categories are

  • Releases
  • Visual themes
  • Code examples
  • Development tools
  • Layout and presentation
  • Commerce
  • Auth and User Management
  • Internationalization
  • Versioning, Staging and Deployment
  • Weblogs
  • Polls/Surveys
  • Communication
  • Documentation management
  • Basic content types
  • Media
  • Database integration & external storage
  • Project management
  • Educational
  • Calendars/Events
  • Statistics & reporting
  • Fields and widgets
  • Workflow
  • Services
  • Geospatial
  • Import/Export
  • Miscellaneous