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FAL Adapters

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This is just a list of possible FAL implementations.


Product Type More Information Interested Status
WebDAV Cloud space TER,, Git Andreas Wolf Current git version works with 7.1+
FTP Cloud space TER, and GitHub Arno Dudek available in two versions for TYPO3 CMS 6.1 and 6.2
Amazon S3 Cloud space Benjamin Mack started
Amazon S3 Cloud space TER, GitHub Anders und Sehr Works with 6, 7, 8
Dropbox Cloud space Philipp Gampe / Stefan Frömken Started. Current features: surfing through files/folder. Create folder. Upload file
SFTP Cloud space and GitHub Oliver Eglseder Nearly full support, required ext-ssh2 or phpseclib as SSH2 Adapter
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Cloud space Benjamin Hirsch Works with TYPO3 7.x - 8.x

Ideas for adapters

Google Drive Cloud space API/Examples for PHP at
Windows Azure Cloud space Susanne Moog implementation 90%
Evernote Cloud space API/Examples at
Celum DAM Georg Ringer (Ideaholder, Possible implementation)
Cumulus DAM Georg Ringer (Ideaholder, Possible implementation) Implementation 80%
Alfresco DAM Olivier Dobberkau (Ideaholder)
Sharepoint DAM Olivier Dobberkau (Ideaholder), Julian Kleinhans (Possible implementation)
Openstack Cloud space Olivier Dobberkau (Ideaholder)
Hoop – Hadoop HDFS over HTTP Cloud space Olivier Dobberkau (Ideaholder)
GridFS Cloud space Olivier Dobberkau (Ideaholder)
Riak Cloud space Olivier Dobberkau (Ideaholder)
Gallery DAM, API