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FAQ/How to create a TYPO3 package

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This page describes how to create your own TYPO3 package (like like

Default database setup

If you want to include default database setup (Pages, Users, Typoscript, etc. but no media, images or and other files) do the following:

  • unpack a default TYPO3 dummy package (zip including sources or tar.gz

as you prefer.)

  • do a 1-2-3 installation and make all necessary adjustments.
  • export the database with all create statements and data to a file called database.sql and put it in typo3conf/ of another fresh unzipped package on which you didn't run 1-2-3 (overwriting the existing files there).
  • pack the directory where you copied the database.sql file over with your favourite archiver.

Or you can use the TYPO3-source package, create the necessary folders manually and then adapt the typo3conf/localconf.php file manually.

A description how to edit the file can be found here: localconf.php and $TYPO3_CONF_VARS (The offline version of this document is much more readable.)

Then do the same steps with your database as described above.

Include Install tool settings

If you want to also include some settings you've made via the Install tool, you should take a look at localconf.php in both of the unpacked directories. Just include all settings you find as expedient into the localconf.php of the not installed version.

Start your package with the Install tool

If you do not include the database settings (in localconfig.php):

 $typo_db_username = 't3_kb_chat';   //  Modified or inserted by TYPO3 Install Tool.
 $typo_db_password = 'xxxxxxx';   //  Modified or inserted by TYPO3 Install Tool.
 $typo_db_host = 'localhost';  //  Modified or inserted by TYPO3 Install Tool.
 $typo_db = 't3_kb_chat_2';

then the install tool will come up.

T3D export and import

Since TYPO3 3.8.0 you can just use the dummy site for adding a fresh new site (blank) and then import complete sites using the export and import function in the context menu (formerly "impexp" extension before it went into the core).