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FAQ/T3X files

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You can also install extensions offline from T3X files. This is how you do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Extensions" section
  3. Select the extension you want
  4. Select "Details" in the green toolbar
  5. Go to the bottom and select "Download uncompressed extension .T3X file"
  6. In the backend, select "Ext Manager"
  7. Under Menu, select "Import extensions from online repository"
  8. Under Upload Extension File Directly, click Browse and select the file from the step before
  9. Click the "Upload extension file" button
  10. Under Menu, select "Available extensions to install"
  11. Enable the new extension


  • Q: What is a T3X file?
  • A: A packaged TYPO3 extension
  • Q: How do I install it?
  • A: Using the extension manager