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FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha12

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Release Notes for FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha12

This document contains information about FLOW3 version 1.0.0 alpha 12 which was released on October 8th, 2010.


notice - Note

As an alpha release, FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 12 is not recommended for production use unless you know what you're doing

Full Release Notes at

What's New?

Aside from a number of bug fixes, these changes are particularly noteworthy:

Query result refactoring

  • The FLOW3 persistence now returns query results no longer as an array but as an instance of QueryResultInterface. If you simply iterate over results, the behavior is the same. toArray() and getFirst() enable easy conversion of the result into an array of objects or fetching of a single object.


  • Fluid Widget ViewHelpers enable complex functionality like paginators, sorters, autocompleters to be inserted easily into the template. In this release, we ship the <f:widget.paginate> widget to create a pagination, and the <f:widget.autocomplete> widget, which does autocompletion.
  • The {settings} are automatically available in partials and sections. Before, they had to be passed explicitely, i.e. by calling <f:render section="..." arguments="{settings: settings}" />. If somebody defined his own "settings"-argument, this still takes precedence: <f:render section="..." arguments="{settings: some.different.settings}" /> This means that this change is completely backwards compatible.

For a full list of new features and improvements please see our Changelog below.

Your Feedback

We want to hear your opinion! What's your experience with this release? What went well, what didn't? What features are you missing? Join our discussions in the mailing list, IRC channel and twitter ... Check out for ways to get involved and get in touch. Get into the FLOW3! - Your FLOW3 Core Team


MD5 checksums can be found on the download page.


See below for some code adjustments that you may need to do.


Changes that (may) require end-user code adjustments


Query->execute() now only returns QueryResultInterface instances, those results have a toArray() method to get the result as array of objects and a getFirst() which returns the first object found. If you simply used the query results to iterate over the results, the behaviour is like before.

The count() method has been removed from the Query class and is now expected to be used on the query result, so that each $query->count() now should read $query->execute()->count().


The getTemplateParser() method has been removed. This method accidentally had an @api annotation, and was only needed for the Viewhelpertest package.



(AOP) After and AfterThrowing advice make sure that original exception gets through
(Error) Fixed undeclared variable
(Error) \F3\var_dump() now includes the stylesheets only once, even if it is used multiple times on the same page
(MVC) Fix incorrect NULL value exception in Argument
(MVC) Handle HEAD like GET in RestController
(MVC) Request::setControllerObjectName now works with multiple subpackages
(MVC) Respect "toLowerCase" setting in SubRoutes
(MVC) ArgumentPrefix in UriBuilder is now reset
(Object) Autowiring off uses explicit object configuration
(Package) Create package with correct path
(Package) PackageManager now creates the Packages/Application directory if neccessary
(Persistence) Allow NULL values in arrays
(Persistence) Fix ordering of queries.
(Persistence) Make property thawing order independent
(Persistence) Repository functions pass fetch mode to execute() explicitly
(Persistence) Safeguard for PDO credentials and DSN
(Property) Allow Object Converters to use any input format
(Property) Fix mapping of empty traversables from request
(Security) Tokens don't get lost anymore between requests
(Validation) Avoid recursion when validating objects
(Validation) Fix building of base validators
(Security) Adjusted the RequestDispatchingAspect to new advice behavior
(Core) Fix parse error on PHP < 5.3
(Error) \F3\var_dump can now return output
(Log) Support logging of remote IP address
(MVC) Add ArgumentPrefix to UriBuilder
(MVC) Convert controller arguments into their declared data type
(MVC) Display mapping errors in argument exception
(MVC) More informative error message if no route matched
(Object) Control autowiring per class or method with annotations
(Persistence) Add QueryResultProxy
(Persistence) Add default ordering for repositories
(Persistence) Support "object" as property type
(Security) Security events are logged to own file and more verbosively

(Persistence) Ordering by unknown property throws exception
(Reflection) Warn of invalid @var annotations
(MVC) Remove argument origin detection
(MVC) Move initialization of UriBuilder into new method
(MVC) Response::__toString() returns content of response
(Cache) Fixed a failing APC backend test
(Documentation) Adjust commit message rules in CGL appendix
(Error) Make renderObjectDump() more robust
(I18n) Trivial docblock fixes
(Log) The file backend no longer closes the log
(Log) Use binary mode when opening log file
(MVC) Don't cache route parts returning objects
(MVC) Don't log non-matching link resolves
(MVC) Enhanced capabilities and configuration for JSON view
(Persistence) Refactor QueryResultProxy into QueryResult
(Persistence) Throw exception on unuspported types
(Persistence) Throw helpful exception for unexpected types
(Property) Fixed doc comment in ObjectConverterInterface
(Reflection) Correctly build class schemata again
(Reflection) Sanitize class/interface names in ReflectionService
(*) Doubled speed of proxy building in Development context
(*) Make codebase use new QueryResult properly
(*) Remove references to object factory

(Core) Boolean expressions can now contain negative numbers
(ViewHelpers) Fix bug in Form ViewHelper
(ViewHelpers) RenderViewHelper works with TYPO3

(Core) {settings} is available in Partials
(*) Add Widget ViewHelpers

(Core) Remove getTemplateParser() method

(Core) Formatted Regular Expressions more nicely
(Core) Regular Expression performance improvements

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one version while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read those ReleaseNotes (see list) also.