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Here is a typical message we get in the mailing list

I am using newloginbox and I can't loggin as a fe user after I registered and logged out. I am also using the "forgot password" option. When I enter the email address it generates a mail that looks like this:

Hi emailaddress

We couldn't find a username for this email address and so cannot send the password to you. Probably you misspelled the email address (upper/lower case makes a difference) or maybe you even didn't register yet?

The email address is the same as the one used to register (I used sr_feuser_register extension)

Most of the cases you just forgot to fill General Record Storage page in the header of the page that hold your login form, this one should point to the sysfolder that hold your user.

Michael Courcy 22 Aug 2005 (CEST)

sr_feuserregister would ignore starting point and create users in current page... to change this, you might use = $PID in Constants for a page holding CREATE instance (or the sub-tree covering registration, confirmation and editing of user account).

Michael Shigorin 7 Jun 2007

01/01/2008 : Do you use "kb_md5fepw" with newloginbox ? Because this extension get StorageFolderPID (for your users) in Root Page and not in Typoscript configuration of newloginbox. Sorry for my bad english, but I have send information to developpers, bug will be soon close ? ;)