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Faq/Superadmin script

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notice - This information is outdated

Since TYPO3 4.3 this script is no longer delivered with TYPO3.

The "superadmin.php" script

In the folder misc/ of the core you will find superadmin.php script. You can read inside how to use it. I will just mention it here because it is an indispensable tool when you want to upgrade many sites located in subfolders on the same level in the file system and which all shared the same source. As the screenshot below shows you enter the 'UPDATE' section of the tool. This will show you a list in the left frame of the sites that has been found on your server. Then you simply click all the links there from top-down and they will take you directly to the 4-5 mandatory steps involved in upgrading:

  • Clearing the extension cache files of typo3conf/
  • Upgrading database tables structure
  • Importing static table data (that might have been updated)
  • Clearing cache tables
  • Possibly, logging in in the backend.
Upgrade superadmin01.png

The superadmin.php tool also features statistics that are nice for administrators including shortcuts to admin logins.

However it is a highly dangerous tool if you leave it unprotected on the server!!! Don't mess with the security of this baby! Protect it good, preferably insert an 'exit;' statement in the top when not used and put a .htaccess password on its folder!