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Faq/copy parts of a running TYPO3 system to another server

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notice - This information is outdated

While some details may still apply in specific situations, this page was written for packages of TYPO3 that are no longer current.

Maybe you have already done a lot of work on your Typo3 server and even built more than one homepage with it. Now you want to copy parts of one homepage to another server or you just want to save it as a backup copy.

Note that this method won't copy your CSS or any images. So you'll have to move them manually later.


If you do not have the following menu entries, then you must install the shy extensions 'Extra Click Menu Options' (extra_page_cm_options) and 'Import/Export' (impexp). You must have already created at least one page where the context menu can appear.
And you must have installed all the extensions from your origin server on your destination server.

Export your data

On the page tree left click on the page from where you want to start the copy. From there you select 'More options ...' and then 'Export to .t3d'.


Select the start page


Choose «Export to .t3d»

If you know what you do, you can select the tables manually, from which you want to export the entries correlated with the selected page...


Import/Export page

... otherwise, if you want to save all your data starting from the selected page and including all the subpages, you select 'ALL tables' twice and 'Infinite' from the Levels popup menu.


Levels Infinite

Click on the 'Download export' button. A dialog box will get opened and ask you the path where to store the created compressed file. Insert the filename of your choice and save it.

Import your data

Then you copy that file to your destination Typo3 server and open the Typo3 page tree on the destination server. You will need to have at least one page there. If not, you must create it now. Again you left-click onto the start page, after which you want to restore the file into it. Select 'More options ...' - 'Import from .t3d'.


Import the page tree

The import/export page will be shown. You click the Browse button and select the file you have just copied to the server. Click the 'Upload files' button. Afterwards you have to choose this file again in the 'Import file:' / 'File:' part of this page.


Selection of the uploaded file

Click on the 'Import' button and wait a moment. The screen will show the list of the imported pages. Verify this to make sure you have not forgotten anything.


Screen of generated pages

Done. That was it.

A few more things

If you have also used your own template files or cascading style sheet files (.css) you must copy them manually into the same path structure like on the original Typo3 server. Do not forget to create a template for the first page you have imported if necessary.

Copy your fileadmin, uploads and media folder manually. You can copy your t3d or t3x file directly into the fileadmin folder. This becomes necessary, when the file size is too big.

If you wanted to copy a whole homepage the recently created 'Page 1' might disturb you now. The solution to get rid of the 'Page 1' now is to select the 'List' or 'Page' module, left click onto the recently imported start page and select 'Cut' or 'Copy'. Then left click to the place where you want to move the selected and subpart pages and select 'Paste into ...'. This can be done everywhere in the page tree.
After that you can delete your 'Page 1'.


With TemplaVoila 0.3.0/0.4.0 and Typo3 3.7.0/3.8.0 everything works well, except that imported pages are blank or have strange content! That is because the content elements on each page have been put into the Non-used elements tab. Just copy them from there and everything is ok. / Peter, 11 June 2005

In Typo3 v3.8.0- this function has been extended and look a little different, but the principle is still the same. /Peter