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Flow Code Sprint March 2013

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The Flow Performance Code Sprint March 2013 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers. The goal is to discuss experiences from Flow-based customer projects regarding the performance, identify possible bottlenecks and take first steps to solve them. It is organized by the TYPO3 Flow team.

How to participate?

You could either participate in person or by remote.

  1. Add yourself to the list of participants. Add the days you plan to come and if you plan to help by remote.
  2. Suggest a topic you'd like to work on, if you don't feel comfortable with the topics from the list.
  3. Ask your company for sponsoring travel costs and/or working time.


The hashtag for the event is #typo3flow

Google+ Event

Date and Time

March 13. (morning) — March 16. (lunch)

Map and Location

The code sprint will take place at networkteam GmbH in Kiel.

Kleiner Kuhberg 42, 24103 Kiel, Germany (

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Please provide your name as a reference

  • take portrait photo of every participant (for website, release banners etc.) and take more pictures of actual work etc.


  • Martin Brüggemann (yeebase media GmbH) (14./15.03.)
  • Sebastian Düvel (yeebase media GmbH) (14.03.)

Please add your name and the days you plan to participate


We have booked an apartment and hotel rooms in the hotel Berliner Hof (




If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Christopher Hlubek (hlubek at networkteam dot com)