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Flow Development

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This is the wiki homepage of the Flow development team. It's basically a hub to the different wiki pages which are related to our teams and projects.

Team Resources

  • We usually hang out in IRC on freenode in the #t3px channel. Please note that this group chat is only meant for coordinating tasks within the core team. If you have a general question please post it to one of the mailing lists or the #flow3 IRC channel.
  • *Daily Scrum: Every working day at 14:00 CE(S)T*, using Google Hangout, the link is posted to the #t3px IRC channel right before the meeting.
  • Prototcols of the Daily Scrums can be found inside the typo3.teams.core-v5 news group.


See the Quickstart tutorial on the website

Featured wiki pages

Here is an overview of all pages in the Flow topic.

Further Information

For even more information please visit our project at forge and the Flow website.