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GSoC Team

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This page belongs to the GSoC Team project (category Project)

GSoC Team

The student


Come up with an awesome project that is challenging but achievable. Write an application that transports enough enthusiasm and involvement to be chosen as student.


  • Come up with a cool idea that pushes the TYPO3 Project forward.
  • Write and refine a proposal that rocks the boat, together with the community and potential mentors.
  • Be open, communicative and willing to learn.

The mentor


A mentor should drive his student to the best possible result he can achieve on his own power. The goal should be a successful project, included in some "live" code by the end of the project.

The org admin


The org admin first and foremost keeps things running smoothly. That can be a boring job, but if done right the SoC will be huge success for the project. That should be the motivation, first and foremost.


  • Fishing for projects and mentors
  • Application as mentoring org
  • Communication with mentors and the public
  • Keep mentors informed about upcoming timeline events
  • Pulled mentors for progress information every two weeks
  • Publish overall progress monthly
  • Update website on GSoC regularly
  • Inform mentors of the Mentor Summit and poll for participants
  • Handle payment/invoicing with Google and mentors/students

Making buzz

We should make more buzz about the whole GSoC. Before, during and after the program. In the past there was almost no progress reporting from our side, no meetups


  • Information about upcoming GSoC during Berlin code sprint
  • Regular news items on
  • Actually use the GSoC mailing lust we have :)
  • GSoC meetups at developer days and T3CON11-SF
  • Results presentation at T3CON11
  • Twitter every now and then :)

Coming up with projects

From the last years it can be concluded that having a list of ideas draws in people that "want to be in GSoC", rather than have a cool idea around TYPO3. The folks that came up with their own proposals produced better results and seemed more motivated.

Thus we should limit ideas from our side to things we really like to see.

Rating proposals

We should have some rules/guidelines here, I guess.

The Mentor Summit

  • Noone goes to the Mentor Summit more than twice.
  • It's a mentor summit, thus the org admin is not entitled to go automatically.

Both rules are "softened" in that if there is a free place (that is, everyone else in the queue is either in already or not going anyway) also a third, fourth, ... participation is ok and also the org admin can of course use an available slot.

Org application

Collect the stuff we used in the past...