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Gimmicks for beginners

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There are some simple things which are quite tricky for the beginner. They should be solved or at least well documented. But to begin, they should be identified. Here is the list (one section per gimmick please):

Creating anything (page)

It will perhaps sound stupid for experienced ones, but it is not really obvious - you should find out that you have to go to the tiny globe, click it, and then choose a option from the menu which means nothing to you at this stage. The concept is very nice - when you know it. But not at the beginning.

Creating first running site

I think it would be great, if something like this would be possible:

  1. User installs typo3 and goes to backend.
  2. User creates new page (should be obvious how).
  3. User goes to frontend and there is something showing!

Just that.

Finding where to put which typoscript

It is probably mainly a flaw of the documentation, but on many pages you just see: add XY to your Typoscript ... But where? There are so many places where there is Typoscript to be entered ...

Other comments

See also My first TYPO3 site - something similar in spirit to this page.