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Git Gerrit

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Git & Gerrit

Getting started with Git
General introduction to Git. Read this if you never used Git before.

I just want a current master
Find out how you can get the latest development version of TYPO3.

I want to contribute
How to contribute to the TYPO3 project by submitting and reviewing patches.

Multiple branch setup

Working on multiple branches at the same time presents some challenges. This page contains more information.

Gerrit Review Workflow
How contributions pushed to Gerrit will be reviewed and what's the policy of a new patch to enter the TYPO3 CMS core? Find more about the "+1" policy.

Having trouble with Git and Gerrit? Look if someone already solved it. Have solved an issue? Add it here for others to find.

Tips & Tricks
Helpful hints, tips and tricks that make your life with Git and Gerrit easier.

Don't understand what all the new words mean? Have a look at the glossary to find out.