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Google Sitemap

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Author: Peter Russ
Extension key: google_sitemap
Document status: Draft
Major revision: 2005-06-05
Minor revision: See page's Last modified date
Prerequisites: cms

notice - Open Content License

This document is published under the Open Content License

The content is related to TYPO3 - a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from

What does it do

Provides Sitemap for Google:

At the moment the only tags that are supported: <loc> and <lastmod> as these are available by default.

Further information on Sitemap

Users manual


Install from TER (Typo3 Extension Repository) by downloading it or by directly installing it via the Typo3 backend. There is also a mc_googlesitemap version (by | Tim Lochmüller). With that version it is possible to add Sites to the Google Sitemap that aren´t in the Backend Pagetree.


Insert a new pagecontent by clicking Web>Page, choose your page, click on the "Create new record" icon and choose the Sitemap content element.

Then choose "Google Sitemap" from the "Menu type" selector box and save your page. Set a startpoint as you could provide different sitemaps for your URL [1]

How to submit a sitemap to Google?

  • Sign in to Google Sitemaps ( with your Google Account and add your sitemap, i.e. enter the URL to your Google sitemap, e.g.
    You don't need an account to generate and submit a Sitemap. However, Google encourages you to sign up for an account so that you can track the status of your Sitemaps and view diagnostic information for your submissions.


If you have realurl installed make sure that this page is in the root of your homepage, otherwise you get problems with Google indexing the pages [1]