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Hook programming

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Using TYPO3 Hooks

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For extension programmers.

Hooks are places in TYPO3 code where registered user-defined functions, so called callbacks, are called..

Usage of a hook:

  1. Either the hook already exists in the core of TYPO3 and you can just register a callback.
  2. Or it doesn't exist:
    • Thus you should identify its position in the code and insert it so the hook can call your code.
    • Then, as stated in 1., you register your callback.
    • In order to have a hook become permanent, you'll have to justify its necessity and ask for its inclusion into the official TYPO3 source code.

Hook references

Registered hooks in your installation

You will find all registered core hooks in $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SC_OPTIONS'] (check the backend module Admin tools->Configuration for that).

You will find all registered hooks for extensions you will find in $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXTCONF'][ extension_key ][ sub_key ]