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Howto Organize Code Sprints

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This page helps you to organize TYPO3 code sprints. Feel free to share your experience.

Organizing a code sprint is not rocket science. Anyone could manage that!

The very first step

Get in touch with your TYPO3 community. Community spirit is a great source for motivation.

Overview: What you need to have

  • Location with Internet/Network access
  • Date (3-4 days from Thu-Sun yet worked out well)
  • Participants
  • Topics to work on
  • Rooms with enough multi-pole sockets to work in
  • Beamer, whiteboard are very helpful for planning
  • Food, drinks, snack, sweets
  • Coffee machine with plenty of coffee, milk, sugar
  • Sponsors or a Budget
  • Accomodation suggestions
  • A dedicated wiki page on to gather information
  • Some buzz in advance to announce the event and attract participants.
  • A hashtag for twitter


To find a location, ask any local TYPO3 agency. If they understood open source, they would be happy to return something (rooms and network) to the community. You could offer to name the company as sponsor. Universities also serve as good locations. Chances are, that they use TYPO3. ;-) But any other location which provides tables, chairs, power+ network access works.

Describe how to get there (add address, maps etc)

Date and duration

Most important is to announce the date in advance (see chapter Buzz). Developers are highly demanded people, so calculate some time for planning ahead, at least 3 weeks. Trains, flights and accomodation are far cheaper if you can book them in advance.

Publishing a fixed date could make it more easier for people to decide to participate. Of course you could doodle on several timeslots. But in the end you never know if the doodlers come.

Previous code sprints lasted between two days and a week. It depends on participants.


TYPO3 is open source and community driven. So don't underestimate the impact of announcing your event using community channels. Use TYPO3 Mailinglists, IRC channel, Social media (Twitter!) and don't forget your local usergroup website. Ask the TYPO3 community manager (Ben) to support you with announcements on official TYPO3 channels. Providing a news text (in english) helps to push your event on


Publish some information about how people can participate.

Having already some participants on board could motivate others to join the sprint. Imagine the run if Kasper (the king) would be on your VIP list ;-)


Any Topic in the context of TYPO3/Flow/Neos is fine, Core/Extensions/Packages. A code sprint could focus on a single topic (like Refactoring the TYPO3 Bootstrap) or cover mulitple topics. Keep in mind that it's mostly voluntary work, so it's up to the participants to work on their prefered topic. Suggesting certain topics in advance could help to attract participants (like Nico for ExtensionBuilder).

Communicate the results

Reserve time for a wrap up and write down what has been achieved and what the next steps are. Write an article about the sprint and let someone publish it on or on Don't forget to take a picture of all participants for the news article.


Probably there will be costs for:

  • Food and drinks and coffee
  • Accommodation
  • Travel costs
  • Social event, Barbeque
  • Location

Successful practice for sponsoring was:

  • Hosting the event in company rooms
  • Company sending their employees
  • Company sending and also sponsoring their employees
  • Partnership to sponsor a participant
  • Offering private rooms for accommodation
  • Take over the costs for food, drinks, social events, etc.

The TYPO3 Association could be asked for a budget, e.g. paying travel costs for core team members.



Announcements and Reviews of previous code sprints