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Communication without any delay

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is available on the Freenode Network.

In european daytime, there are a lot of friendly developers available, but they usually are at work. In the european evening time there are a lot more people who can help you. Just don't expect people to give you a complete solution, mostly they will only hint you in the right direction.

Ask questions

If you have any question, don't ask for help, but just ask your question. If someone is there, who is able to help you, he will. But it can take some time - especially in the european work time, it takes some time to get an answer.

After a few hours, just ask your question again, perhaps it could be helpful to provide some additional information.

How to

  • If you want to join, just use your favourite IRC client (for example ChatZilla) and point it to, Port 6667 and Channel #typo3. You might just be able to use this link: irc://
  • If you don't have an IRC client or are behind a firewall, you can use the web-based IRC frontend. You find TYPO3 users in the channel #typo3.

English please

There are a lot of german speaking people in that channel, but please just write in english, as it is an international channel. Just try it, there are not many nativ speaker arround. ;-)


You can find a log of all IRC conversations on the website of Ries van Twisk.

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