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Jvb galleriffic

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UPDATE! My first upload came frome the wrong local typo3-installation and was incomplete and unfinished, so it didnt work. Please update through TER and check the new version. My Apologies!

Current state of this document

This is a draft which must be full of error because I am f*?#!ng tired. Please correct me... I removed the draft state. Because i think the doc now says everything it should. I choose to not use the OpenOffice document as documentation because I am often pissed by the structure (or the lack of) of extension-documentation which uses the template. I will put a simple link into that and wait for people who explain to me why going this way is bad :) I just realized that there are templates to be used in ext manuals in this wiki. I will check that out.

Galleriffic by Trent Foley wrapped into a Typo3-Extension

This extension adds jquery galleriffic as a content element to typo3.

All credits regarding jquery.galleriffic.js itself got to Trent Foley (,! My work is the Typo3-Extension which makes Galleriffic easily useable within Typo3.

After MANY years of making websites with typo3 this is my first major contribution to the community. I am ashamed. ;-)



  • Search the TER for jvb_galleriffic and install it
  • Include the static template jvb_galleriffic into your template. Since version 0.0.2 there is galleriy (another nice jquery gallery: ) aswell.
  • If you dont include jquery in any other way got to constant editor/jvb_galleriffic and switch on "jvb.galleriffic.includeJQuery" and "jvb.galleriffic.wrapInDocumentReadyFunction"
  • Put lib.jvb.galleriffic.include1 and lib.jvb.galleriffic.include2 into an appropriate position in your page.headerData (Example: page.headerData.123 < lib.jvb.galleriffic.include2) and let these constants switched of. Please excuse this small usability fault. I am waiting for issue #19693 on ( to be resolved and will add the appropriate code to my ext if this is ready. Will it be resolved in Typo3 4.3?
  • Tune the other params to your needs (see


  • Go to the page where you want your cool gallery and add a new content element. If you use the newContentElementWizard you will find galleriffic right on top with text, images etc.,
  • Add pics, alt-text, caption, title as you are used to. Only the longDescUrl field is used in another way then in normal images: It holds the text which is shown below the title of the image in galleriffic. I was to lazy to add another field to tt_content and thought its cool to not bloat it any further as well
  • save and open the frontend
  • There it is...


  • I think I will add more static templates which include alternative jquery gallery scripts like galleria
  • I think it would be better if galleriffic and galleria where two seperate extensions. What do you think?
  • Code tuning.
  • Include prettier css presets.

Known Issues

The original version of jquery.galleriffic.js does not work with <base>-tag set, which mandatory when realURL or coolURI is used. So use my patched version included in this ext . I mostly implemented the things described by Schwarzesocke at forums plus some further things.

UPDATE! My first upload came frome the wrong local typo3-installation and was incomplete and unfinished, so it didnt work. Please update through TER and check the new version.


0.0.2 - First working version. At leas I hope so. It works in my local installation. 0.0.1 - The first Uploaded version. This was screwed up.

If something does not work or my english is bad or you have any other suggestions please contact me at For updates follow me on twitter ( I actually do this work for a new magazine called KLIMA-MAGAZIN ( which delivers news and stories around all climate-change related things and cool stuff the scientists invent to make our beeing less destructive to our world and so on...