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Kickstarter team

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This page belongs to the Kickstarter team (category KickstarterTeam)

This page is a working area for the kickstarter team. Feel free to add ideas!

On November 7th 2005 Ingmar Schlecht asked for people willing to do further development on the kickstarter on the dev list. Ingo Renner took over the leadership for the development.

Contributing People

  • Ingo Renner - Team Leader (SVN write access)
  • Thomas Hempel - Co Leader (SVN write access)
  • Peter Foerger
  • Jean-Baptiste Rio
  • Franz Holzinger
  • Christian Trabold
  • Elmar Hinz
  • Christian Welzel (kickstarter__mvc)

Development Plan

  • add comments to the kickstarter source (done)
  • fix bugs from the bugtracker (in progress)
  • make sure the kickstarter generates Coding Guidelines complient code (is the case for most of the code, but needs to be rechecked)
  • make the kickstarter generate code for TYPO3 4.0.0+ (versioning, workspaces, etc...)
  • add new features

Development Practice

As the kickstarter is a critical extension in the TYPO3 environment patches and bugfixes will be checked in to SVN only after they've been checked at least by Ingo and/or (depending on the changes) Thomas.

Communication takes place in typo3.projects.kickstarter.

Kickstarter MVC (lib/div)

kickstarter__mvc is an add-on to generate frontend plugins in MVC style based on the lib/div libraries. While it is helpful to get started with lib/div extensions, there are vacanies and mistakes in the generated code.