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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)
This page belongs to the TYPO3 Knowledge Base using Jive  project (category Project)

the aim is

The forum can have users who moderate the KB and either create new KB items or pull them from the existing posts

how is this possible?

  • add a posted newsgroup-message to a category or set keywords -> or must they copied into a new article?

the features


  • categorization, commenting, ratings, images (screenshots/ diagramms)
  • tagging: forum visitors can request that a particularly helpful post be turned into a snippet directly

searching by keyword, text, categories:

  • search: a visitor can search all the mailing lists plus snippets at once instead of doing a mailing list search on one site then going to another site to search snippets

parser for view:

  • code: HTML-code and TS-code: wrap it with [code] [/code] tags. See example
    • just usable if one is a mod or admin? --Daniel Brüßler 10:48, 18 October 2006 (CEST)

editor - text with pictures:

  • images: now images can be attached - e.g. screenshots, diagramms
    • it's much easier to add a screenshot (in comparison to a wiki-page)
      • Where is this magical image inserting feature? I can't see a button for it or are there just some tags (like with code) I have to use? (Then a "howto"-page would be usefull) (Susanne Moog)
      • If I remember it right it appears on the bottom when you want to add an image. Then you have to put in the bb-code at that place where you need it. Later I log in and write you more. --Daniel Brüßler 09:03, 22 November 2006 (CET)
  • sync of forum with the newsgroups: posts in the forum are immediately available via the newsgroup, too

personal itch/ for focusing on personal topics:

  • experts: forum users can be set up as "experts" on specific areas of expertise (to help disseminate knowledge)
  • personal itch: RSS enabled so people can subscribe to each category they're interested in

problems in the moment

MUST be solved


  • The server must run on port 80 and not 8080, because some people can't access anything other than 80 (an entry by Ingmar Schlecht)

creation of the articles:

  • How do we find the HowTo and FAQ-documents, what were originally available in the mailinglist? Would be interesting if they were tagged mailinglist-entries or datasets in a special database. (Daniel Brüßler)
    • It should be automatic to create article-datasets (because much work to go through 900MB of email-content to find the interesting candidates, Daniel Brüßler)
    • Rating: We need a good idea how to tag emails that should be the base for a HowTo, little Tutorial or todo-list of a project . but: costs too much performance if the whole community does this (Daniel Brüßler)
  • Jive Error: When you make a document recommendation and click on "back to category" after you finished tomcat throws an exception (Error 500 - The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. (java.lang.NullPointerException))

the parser for the view:

  • the knowledgeBase-parser doesn't render Code correctly. e.g. if you are using something like temp.example<example the last part after the < is not shown. Also, something strange happens on some pages like threadID 92186 (The Typoscript is messed up)
    • todo: the parser must transform all newlines to br-Tags (because the TypoScript looks good if you see the HTML-source, Daniel Brüßler)

nicetohave solved

  • "more... (1)" is not good -> 5 instead of 4 subcategories (Daniel Brüßler)
  • no single sign on
  • additional to "Tools/Manage document" a link an the left side (next to the "Stop Watching Document"-link) "edit" with a TYPO3-edit-pen
  • css-stylesheet
    • colors: What would be a good distinctive font style? Perhaps 14px in red or TYPO3 dark orange?
      • the font-color for comments in a code-part is good (it's green)
  • Code highlighting for more than just brakes and "new" or "this"
  • the code highlighting machine (or whatever this is called) should recognize ts comments and mark those lines in a different color
  • When you make a new document recommendation there is a part beneath the input field which is called "Original Message" even if there isn't one - that's confusing
  • When you make a new document recommendation you can say that you want to get a message once your recommendation is accepted. It doesn't seem to work though. I never got any mails.


  • taxonomy: free tagging of the users (wish from Kasper)
  • the subdomain "support": the whole is support for TYPO3 - so we should find a better name for the jive-subdomain. (Daniel Brüßler)
    • how about "knowledge" or "knowhow"?

not really a problem

  • but indexing happens once an hour so it won't show up in the search immediately.
  • for forum-posted messages to appear in the mailing list, the user needs to be signed up with the exact same email address that they are signed up with that forum's mailing list (i.e., to post in the Main->English forum you need to be signed up for the typo3-english list with the same email address).
  • is there a need for three different english dictionaries?


  • spam-protection for e-mail-addresses (Matthias Habegger in documentation-mailinglist)
    • fixed it now with a regexp filter in the forum, but this means any @ symbols in anyone's code that gets posted will also be translated (Alex Heizer)
  • css-stylesheet for the code-part - to distinguish it from regular text
    • The snippets code should show up in the default monospace font (with pre-tags)
      • working on Konqueror on Linux and Mac with Safari, too?
    • the standard-font of the text in Jive is sans-serif
  • good cats and keywords: check what we need
  • important for the single-sign-on: in the moment the username is shown in the post and in a comment to a post - but we want to have real names in the messages. So this should be changed
  • image-upload: png is not allowed ("content type of this image is not allowed")


Current Project Members

member activities contact
Alex Heizer leader of project
adding the missing newsgroups to Jive
creating the categories
alex + tekdevelopment + com
JoH asenau aka Joey check of features to create TS-snippet-articles info o cybercraft o de
Daniel Brüßler check of features to create TS-snippet-articles
check if Jive is good for TS-documentation by teamwork
Daniel Brüßler, info - danielbruessler - de
Susanne Moog Testing all kind of functionality
Helping out
mail / susanne-moog / de
member activities contact
member activities contact

just add yourself and contact us via