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What does it do?

The extension l10nmgr is an extension for managing localisation and translation in TYPO3. Currently implemented features are:

  • Online translation in split screen view (backend editing)
  • Export & import of MS Excel XML format (external translation in spreadsheet software)
  • Export & import of a localisation-friendly XML format for use with professional translation and localisation tools (external translation)
  • Ships with settings files for across, DéjàVu, SDL Trados, and SDL Passolo

SVN repository

For the latest sources, which may break your installation, grab a SVN snapshot from


A newsgroup typo3.projects.l10nmgr exists and can be accessed using your favourite newsreader.

Current Project Members


Michael Klapper

Andreas Otto

Daniel Pötzinger

Fabian Seltmann

Kasper Skarhoi

Daniel Zielinski

Roadmap „l10nmgr“

common To-Do's

Task Description Responsible
Extension Documentation
Documentation „Best Practice“ für Übersetzungen Daniel Pötzinger
Dev: Unit Test
Dev: XML format
Dev: refactor/redesign UI Michael Klapper
Dev: scalable export (progressbar) Daniel Pötzinger, Michael Klapper

Roadmap v3

  • Define XML format (Use of XLIFF? See for the Standard and for an example)
  • Check if there is nothing to be localised (don't push empty XML)
  • Better control of transformations for different CE types
  • Transformation of mail forms
  • Refactoring UI
  • Integrate / Test the checks done by Fabian Seltmann
  • configuration options for doing the extra checks or not (performance reasons)
  • configuration option to control the utf8/xml checks
  • Unit Tests
  • Dokumentation
  • Testing
  • Merge Kaspers last changes in v3 branch after the features above are stable.

=> Release: merge to trunk, release in TER

Roadmap v4

  • more Refactoring on class structure
  • XML export: Implementation of "progressbar" (splitting the XML export)
  • more Unit-Tests
  • Profiling?