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Label naming conventions

Language Labels in TYPO3 start with LLL: and are used to get text snippets inside PHP/TS code, without hardcoding them. This enables translations to other languages. The texts are saved in XML files and eacht text snippet is identified by it's label there.

  • label should have one prefix and one identifier, separated by a dot. E.g. page.deleteButton, page.deleteReally, page.deleteSuccessful
  • all parts have to use studlyCaps
  • select your prefix to group all labels of one functionality together
  • do not use prefixes like "button", "headline" and so one, use "page.deleteButtonCancel" instead
  • start your identifier with the subfunction prefixed, if applicable
  • use one file per module, if your labels are specific to this module
  • place your labels in EXT:lang/locallang_misc.php, if they are general and could be used in other places, too
  • be explicit, e.g. use "delete" instead of "rm"


You may adjust TYPO3's configuration to show language label paths in the backend.

TYPO3 7 and lower:

$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['lang']['debug'] = true;

TYPO3 8.7 and higher:

$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['languageDebug'] = true;

Text improvement

Please reference texts of TYPO3 Backend here, which have to be improved (only english texts!).

Where Old New Concerns LLL
Page module, when no page is selected, yet

Web>Page module
Please click the page title in the page tree to the left to edit page content.

  • explain, what the page module does
  • be more explcit
  • this is the 2nd page, which a new TYPO3 user will see!