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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Core & Extensions Translation project (category Project)

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Terms not to be translated

  • Remember that some terms that lie close to the heart of TYPO3 should not be translated to facilitate the reading of English (official) documentation. The current list of such terms can be found below:
don't translate these terms
English Comments Author
TypoScript dfeyer
TemplaVoilà dfeyer
RTE dfeyer
Backend king76
Frontend king76

Common vocabulary

Please use formal terminology in your translation and provide informal alternatives where appropriate/possible.

  • The following list of common Latvian terms is to be used across all Latvian translations to ensure consistency:
Latvian - translation common vocabulary
English Latvian Comments Author
link saite Will work through core to update uses of this term eezee319
website vietne ditto eezee319