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Links in same windows

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<< Back to FAQ page The window a link opens in is called it's target. There are various TypoScript constants which control what target frame is used for new pages. For example internal links, external links, search results, mail form acknowledgment pages, site map links. Different constants apply if you are not using "CSS Styled Content," but these are constants to include in the constants section of your template:

# sitemap links should open in the same window .. (CSS)
# see also
content.pageFrameObj = _self

# makes search results and mailform "thank you" open in same window (CSS)

# This is how you force Typo3 to stop opening internal links and external links
# in new windows (as default) and instead open them in the same window:
config.intTarget = _self         # Internal links in the same window
config.extTarget = _blank        # External links in new window

For some reason, people have had problems with CSS Styled Content thats sets: = {$PAGE_TARGET}

but it could be fixed by adding this line to the template: = _self