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MVC Framework/Update

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This page belongs to the MVC Framework aka lib/div project (category Project)

The most important simplifications comparing tslib_pibase.


The dozends of mystical linkfunctions have been replaced with one link object, that has a rather simple API.

class variables

The setting of most class variables of tslib_pibase have been made obsolete.

var $prefixId = 'tx_test_pi1';

Replaced by the function getDesignator(). Without setting it defaults to the extension key.

var $scriptRelPath = 'pi1/class.tx_test_pi1.php';

We have the function includeExtensionFile($relativePath) to include extension files that are no classes. Classes are autoincluded during instantiation by tx_div::makeInstance('className') .

var $extKey = 'test';

Autodetaction by getExtensionKey().

var $this->pi_USER_INT_obj=1;

Has been a heavily confusing misconception of tslib_pibase. It has never been fixed. I suggested solutions.

var $conf;

Configuration works with the configuration object now, that is generated by tx_lib_controller. We just need to call getConfiguration($key).