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Mass Uploader

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This is a scratch pad for the new "Mass Uploader" we want to introduce to TYPO3 4.3. With this feature it will be possible to upload not just one file but multiple files or even a whole directory with one click, without having a webserver upload limit / webserver timeout etc. We also will have real-time - update on the upload process.

Current Project Members


The big candidate is swfupload (, which has a MIT license. It is flash-based but has a automatic downgrade to AJAX / HTML if Flash is not available on the client.

Apart from that we need a nifty interface for our extension developers to have this integrated very simple in their extensions (or even in the FE).

Places in the core with uploaders

This places need to be adjusted once

  • Extension Manager: Upload Extension File
  • Filelist Module: Upload Files To Directories
  • TCEforms: Upload Files to Groups etc (e.g. Images) (This probably covers the filelist CE as well)
  • Element Browser: Upload Files To Directories