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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Neos-Development (category Neos development team)

Meeting December 2010 - *Getting Things Done*


  • please add yourself to the participants list*
  • Robert (lives there)
  • Karsten (lives there)
  • Sebastian (Arrival: Monday afternoon, departure: Thursday evening)
  • Andi (Arrival: Tuesday morning, departure: Friday morning)
  • Christopher
  • Berit
  • Christian (tuesday morning till thursday evening)
  • Bastian
  • Rens Admiraal (monday evening (late) till thursday evening)
  • Jens (Time needs to be set with dkd)
  • [add yourself to this list]
  • People who cannot participate*
  • [add yourself to this list if you cannot participate]
  • Nils


  • The agenda is only a rough draft, and only a suggestion by now*



  • Doctrine2 (Karsten, Sebastian, Bastian)
  • Some Routing features (Bastian)
  • Re-enable HMAC in v5? (Sebastian, Bastian)
    • Maybe additionally extend HMAC to include VALUES of hidden fields?
    • ... or make sure that __identity fields can NOT be removed (if they exist)
  • Fix/discuss concurrent session issue in FLOW3 (Bastian)
  • Fix/discuss #10595 (ObjectManager should not allow injection of prototypes) (Bastian)


  • Security Policy for Phoenix (Andi)
  • UI for Workspaces support (Sebastian)
  • Temporary User Account (Bastian, Jens)


  • Fix Object Manager in Extbase (Sebastian, Bastian)
    • Especially make sure that the injected objects are *fully initialized*
  • Recap the Phoenix roadmap. Plans, Concerns, Focus (Bastian - Got nothing new to tell but I'd be interested in your opinions)


  • JavaScript concepts and cleanup (Sebastian)
    • Discuss unit testing structure (#10479)
    • Restructure JS files (#10855)
  • Management View (Sebastian)
  • Oryx ( licensing problem (Rens)
  • [your topic here] ([your name here])

Hotel Booking / Room Sharing

Andi took care of this...