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This page is created for users, who want to share their experience about using mnoGoSearch TYPO3 extension.

What does it do?

mnoGoSearch TYPO3 extension is a powerful search engine for TYPO3 web sites. It is a good replacement for the default indexed search extension. mnoGoSearch features several unique features like:

  • Very fast search and very high performance combined with a very low load on the web server (thanks to the external indexer)
  • Support of the many character sets and languages
  • Searching word forms in different languages (for example, "woman" and "women" can be both found when querying for "woman")
  • Searching parts of the web site or the whole web site (easily configurable by user)
  • Relevancy calculation
  • True crawler (crawls links unlike indexed search)

Users manual

Please, read. This will answer 99% of your questions!

Your own information

Feel free to add your own information here!

December 2009 - a German preliminary introduction
to install MnoGoSearch 3.3.9 with TYPO3 extension 2.2.2
on Suse 11.1 Linux will be found here.

Comments are welcome.


highlighting the search phrases on the final page as in TYPO3 standard search result-links sample: (adding this to the result links : "?&no_cache=1&sword_list[]=ampex" )[]=ampex - sorry, this link is corrupted