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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Neos-Development (category Neos development team)

Phoenix Code Sprint September 2012

Also watch the Google+ Event page which will contain photos and more information during the sprint:


Participants (15):

  • Aske Ertmann
  • Christian Mueller
  • Christian Julle Jensen
  • Robert Lemke
  • Bastian Waidelich
  • Rens Admiraal
  • Henri Bergius
  • Marc Neuhaus
  • Karsten Dambekalns
  • Andreas Foerthner
  • Sebastian Kurfürst
  • Markus Goldbeck
  • Berit Hlubek
  • Christopher Hlubek
  • Ben van 't Ende

Contributors (2):

  • Mattias Nilsson
  • Søren Malling

Topics / Preliminary Agenda

There will be two main things that will be worked on during the code sprint.

The first is the management view content editing (list module), which Marc & Sebastian have been working on for quite some time now. This module is going to be the foundation for editing content (nodes) and domain models and will be a kind of TCEMain (TYPO3.Admin) & list module.

The second will be the content module, which includes the whole "content editing experience". That ranges from content creation, editing, deletion to publishing. Some work will go into the page tree as well. And some improvement for the ajax loading indications.

Also the main goal of the sprint will be to have a working CMS capable of managing a site like, without the need for import/export as a fallback.

Julle will be working on the integration of Composer ( as Package and Dependency manager.

Other goals/tasks:

  • Additional work on the launch bar
    • Speed improvement
    • Inclusion in modules
  • Simple locale (internationalization) ui handling
  • Improvement of error page handling / logged out handling
  • Add possibility to move nodes between levels
  • Add possibility to copy nodes
  • Rens, Henri and possibly Mattias will work on integrating createjs ( as part of the IKS project
  • Add a enable fields equivalent for domain models that aren't nodes
  • Finish wireframe template
  • Finish content migration
  • Finish node access restriction
  • Add possibility to change node path
  • Users / user groups management
  • Page templates selection
  • Resource module
  • Asset (JS/stylesheet) handling discussion