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This page belongs to the Flow Team (category Flow)

Check list for preparations before the first release of TYPO3 "Phoenix"

This page contains team-internal notes for preparing the 1.0 alpha 1 release.


With the first real release, TYPO3 "Phoenix" will get its actual product name. At the same time, FLOW3 needs to be adjusted to a new namespace.

The renaming from the code name to product name requires many parts to be updated. The new CMS product name is substituted by "NewProduct" and the new FLOW3 name by "NewFramework" in this list:

  • rename category from TYPO3 v5 / Phoenix to NewProduct
    • rename category from FLOW3 to NewFramework


update articles about TYPO3 and FLOW3 in english and german Wikipedia

  • update labels in main menu
  • rename package names and keys
  • update links pointing to issue trackers, …


  • rename git repositories:
    • list here