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Neos Code Sprint August 2014

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The Neos Code Sprint August 2014 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers. Organizer is Christopher Hlubek (hlubek [at] networkteam [dot] com)


The hashtag for the event is #typo3neos


Timeframe: Mon, August 25th 2014 — Sat, June 30th 2014, the exact dates will be figured out

Map and Location

The sprint will take place in the networkteam GmbH office in Kiel Kleiner Kuhberg 42, 24103 Kiel, Germany (Google Map)

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

  • Finish changes for Neos 1.2


Name Arrival Departure Accommodation wishes Hotel booked? (when sharing a room add the roommate)
Christopher Hlubek 25.08., morning 30.08., evening Stays at home n.a.
Karsten Dambekalns 25.08., morning 29.08., evening Berliner Hof booked, Robert
Robert Lemke 25.08., morning 27.08., evening Berliner Hof booked, Karsten
Berit Hlubek 25.08., morning 30.08., evening (will mainly join in the afternoons) Stays at home n.a.
Markus Goldbeck 25.08., early afternoon 30.08., noon Berliner Hof Booked
Helmut Hummel 26.08., early afternoon 29.08., afternoon Hotel Ostseehalle booked
Sebastian Kurfürst 23.08. or 24.08. 29.08. Berliner Hof booked, Christian
Christian Müller prob. 25.08. prob. 30.08. Berliner Hof booked, Sebastian
Aske Ertmann 26.08., noon 29.08., evening Berliner Hof Booked
Dominique Feyer prob. 26/27.08. prob. 30.08. Needs a place in Kiel
Christian Albrecht 29.08. morning 30.08. evening Needs a place in Kiel
Rens Admiraal 24.08. evening 27.08. afternoon/evening Berliner Hof Booked
Christian Jul Jensen 27.08. noon 29.08. afternoon Berliner Hof Booked


A hotel room should be booked by every participant in the Hotel Berliner Hof, Ringstraße 6, 24103 Kiel (, please arrange in rooms as needed and applicable.

The price rate is from 75€ (basic single room) to 125€ (comfort plus double room) and includes free Wifi, breakfast, a ticket for transportation and admission to a Spa club nearby. It's only a short walk to the networkteam office.


  • The accommodation is covered by the Neos code sprint budget from the TYPO3 Association. Please book a hotel room, pay for yourself and invoice the costs after the code sprint (see travel expenses PDF).
  • Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a limit of 200€ per person (exceptions are probably possible, just ask Karsten as our official budget responsible, if you would need a higher budget)


  • networkteam sponsors the room, internet, coffee and drinks (water, soft-drinks, beer)
  • We'll have Chilli Con Carne for lunch on Wednesday

If you'd like to sponsor, please get in touch with us.


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with us (