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Neos Code Sprint January 2013/29.01.2013

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  • For the morning work on the things you think are most important (until 12:15)
  • Robert/Sebastian will go around and collect the TODO list / think about further structuring of the Sprint
  • At 12:15, we will have the "Core Values of Neos / Mission Statement" discussion.
  • Lunch: we will order for 1 PM

Sprint Goal

  • Have the Neos blog installed on the Neos website; with everybody having an account; Everybody being able to post blog posts.


  • Visibility of Neos (what happens in Neos)
    • -> show Scrum notes with timeline.js
    • -> last committed changes, last reviews (RSS feeds), last issues
  • Collaboration Guideline: "Everything which has been discussed (f.e. in a hangout) has a short protocol as Email)
    • Why We Don't Use GitHub
  • Release Cycles for Flow and Neos
    • Proposal: Once a month for Neos; XY for Flow?
    • Have "weekly stable releases" for Flow, which are built automatically if tests run through and Build is NOT BLOCKED manually

Defining The Neos Featureset


  • Discussion / Definition: Minimum Viable Product
  • Definition of Working Packages. Working Packages are a bundle of Stories.
    • Goal: "Product Backlog"

(day-to-day) Neos Development

  • A Responsive Backend (Patrick)
    • Be usable until iPad mini