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Neos Code Sprint January 2013/Scenarios

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These scenarios serve as guiding principle for current Neos development.

Scenario 1: Simple Company Website

  • Shortcuts in tree
  • stabilized reloading
  • Media Browser
  • Plugin Integration
  • Naming/Syntax of Content Type Schema and TypoScript
  • custom page types & custom section types
  • discuss TYPO3CR REST (Comments), with own Validator & Object Converter & Content Security
  • Expose

  • Erweiterbarkeit von Create.JS (content schema)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts to create new content element; to jump into the inspector
  • Collapsable inspector
  • Disable search bar for now?

  • Julle: Composer Autoloading of non-PSR0 code; Client-Side Neos Work
    • possible
  • Andi: content security with DQL
  • Christian: reviews, otherwise open for anything; Remove ExtJS dependency (on client / server side)
  • Aske: Joker
  • Robert:
  • Christopher: Frontend performance
  • Bastian:
  • Matthias: