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Neos Code Sprint July 2015

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The Neos Sprint July 2015 is a community driven event for contributors.

Organizers are Andreas Förthner ( and Thomas Maroschik.


The hashtag for the event is #neoscms


The Sprint will be from Monday, July 13th. 2015 — Wednesday, July 15th 2015, right before the TYPO3 developer days in Nuremberg.

Map and Location

We will stay at the developer days location, where we have about 20 beds for participants: Details about the location and how to get there can be found here: and here:

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

  • Release Neos 2.0
  • Initiate refactoring (JS/CSS)
  • Product planning
  • Github move
  • Neos 2.1
  • Discussions
    • semver
    • releases
    • CI
    • quality standards
    • third party integrations
  • Finalize "Neos Move"
    • Communication ("decision process", marketing)
    • Infrastructure
    • Finances/Funding
    • New website
    • Rebranding
    • "Onboarding"
    • Team organization

How to participate?

Want to participate in the sprint? Awesome! We would love to have you there and welcome anyone as long as they can work primarily independently. We need help in all kinds of areas, so there's something for anyone being that development, writing, testing, design, project management or the like. We're never short of something to improve and can easily find something to challenge you.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at (hello_at_neos_io) or in the #team channel on Slack. Otherwise feel free to add yourself to the participants list, but please let us know when you did.

Tip Ask your company for sponsoring travel costs and/or working time or a nice dinner.

Want to get a better impression of what a sprint is like? Check out +


Please fill in your name, arrival, departure date, topics & optional comment

# Name Arrival Departure Topics Comment
1 Andreas Förthner Monday Morning Sunday no accommodation needed
2 Hans Höchtl Monday Sunday
3 Aske Ertmann Monday Morning Sunday Refactoring, product planning, 2.0+2.1
4 Bastian Waidelich Monday morning Sunday Flow/Neos release, "project decisions"
5 Christian Müller Sunday Sunday
6 Markus Goldbeck Monday Morning Sunday
7 Sascha Nowak no accommodation needed
8 Lienhart Woitok no accommodation needed
9 Karsten Dambekalns Monday Sunday
10 Robert Lemke Monday Sunday
11 Dmitri Pisarev Monday Saturday Node creation wizard + remote media + misc
12 Sebastian Kurfürst Monday at around 10:30 Saturday around 6 PM
13 Michael Berhorst (colleague of Sebastian) Monday at around 10:30 Thursday (before T3DD)
14 Marcin Krzyżanowski Monday Morning Thursday Morning
15 Pascal Widmer Monday Morning
16 Martin Ficzel Monday Morning Sunday
17 Tyll Weiß Monday Morning Wednesday
18 Florian Heinze Monday at around 10:30 Thursday Morning
19 Timo Fink Monday Wednesday
20 Anja Schwendemann Monday Wednesday
21 Alexander Kappler Monday Wednesday
22 Thomas Heilmann Monday Tuesday no accommodation needed
23 Wilhelm Behncke Monday Morning Wednesday


We have reserved places for about 20 (1 spot remaining) participants directly at the code sprint location.


According to the decision of the TYPO3 Association Members, we won't get any expenses reimbursed by the Association. If you want to help the Neos team and sponsor, please get in contact with us on slack or via hello at

During the codesprint the following accomodation costs apply:

  • 2 persons in a double room including breakfast: 84€ per night
  • Additional meal (lunch, dinner): 6,90€ per meal and person