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Neos Code Sprint March 2014

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The Neos Code Sprint March 2014 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers.


The hashtag for the event is #typo3neos


Mon, March 24th 2014 — Thu, March 27th 2014 (result of

The Inspiring Conference ( is right after the sprint, 28th and 29th!

Map and Location

The sprint will take place in the Academy for Professionals (AFP), in building W of the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences room W05. The location is booked daily from 9:00 to 18:00 with optionally longer evenings (upon request). A map is available on

We can have lunch in the university cafeteria (

Here is a map with all spots:

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

Documentation about the sprint, a basis for an article


Name Arrival Departure Lunch wanted
Dominique Feyer 25.03, evening 30.03 Y
Markus Goldbeck 24.03, morning 29.03 Y
Christian Müller 24.03, noon 29.03 Y
Aske Ertmann 23.03, evening 30.03 Y
Rasmus Skjoldan 23.03, evening 25.03 Y
Rens Admiraal 24.03, evening 29.03 Y
Henjo Hoeksma 24.03, evening 29.03 Y
Bastian Waidelich 24.03, afternoon 29.03, evening Y
Andreas Förthner 23.03, evening 29.03 Y
Karsten Dambekalns 24.03 29.03 Y
Robert Lemke 24.03 29.03 Y
Sebastian Kurfürst 23.03, evening 29.03 Y
Christoph Dähne 23.03, evening 29.03 Y
Christopher Hlubek 23.03, evening 30.03 Y
Berit Hlubek 23.03, evening 30.03 Y
Pankaj Lele 23.03, afternoon 30.03 Y
Hubertus Golf 24.03, morning 27.03 Y, no accommodation needed
Martin Gonschor 24.03, morning 27.03 Y, no accommodation needed
Irene Höppner 24.03, morning 27.03 Y, maybe not on Tuesday, no accommodation needed

We assume you want lunch, if not indicated otherwise :)


Hotel rooms will be booked for the participants as far as that is possible (if you decide too late, you might be out of luck). The hotel is called "Gasthof Höhensteiger" and is in walking distance to the location.


If you'd like to sponsor, please get in touch with us. We need sponsoring for drinks (flat fee of 6 € per day and participant for daytime drinks) and food. Working location, hotel and travel expenses are kindly covered by our TYPO3 Association budget so far.


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with us.